5 Things To Take On Your Next Trekking Adventure

Trekking vacations require you to pack a little differently than you would for a less adventurous trip. There are several things that you should always remember to bring, no matter what sort of trek you are going on. Listed below are 5 things that you should take on every trekking adventure and why you should bring them.

A Light, Yet Spacious Backpack

You probably already know that you need to bring a backpack to your trekking adventure, However, it is important that you bring the right backpack.

There are many backpacks made specifically for trekking that would work perfectly. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the backpack needs to be both light and spacious.

A Large Water Bottle

No matter where your adventure takes you, you’re going to need water. Trekking can make you very thirsty, and you will likely need more water than you would normally drink.

Bringing a large water bottle, perhaps one with a built-in filter, is important because it will allow you to stay hydrated throughout the journey.

Trekking Shoes

If you’re trekking in a natural area, rather than simply taking a day trip, trekking shoes are important for your comfort. These shoes are specifically designed for long walks in natural areas. They will offer optimal traction and help you stay comfortable throughout your adventure.

A Powerful Flashlight

One important item for a trekking adventure that is often overlooked is a powerful flashlight. Trekking often extending into the twilight hours. Bringing a powerful flashlight will help you see all of the sights on your adventure.


Sunscreen is important when you’re spending any extended period under the sun, whether you’re trekking or simply going to the beach. However, this is another item that is often overlooked. Make sure to bring sunscreen that is at least 30SPF for effective protection.