Do I need a cleaner to my Android?

If your android is becoming slower and if you get the message oops! Memory full more frequently you definitely need to install a cleaner app to your android. What is done by a cleaner app? Normally cleaning means the removal of unwanted, untidy, useless things. So in here also it is the same. The cleaner app will remove all the unwanted files that are stored up in the device. Ha ha! Here comes another question. What is the best cleaner tool for my android? No doubt, it is Clean Master. The Clean Master Apk is the best tool to install in your android as a cleaner. The App is quite popular among most of the android users and apart from few cons like too many ads and no recovery option the Clean Master provides the best experience as a cleaner.

Some basic information about the Clean Master Apk

Clean Master apk  was developed by Cheetah mobile company and it was released on 2018. The Last update runs for March in 2020. The App is totally free and the latest version is Clean Master Apk 7.4.6 version. The App is there on the Google Playstore and is very easy to download.

Pros of Clean Master Apk

  • Remove all the types of junk files stored up in the device including
    • Cache junk files, website cookies, residual junk files generated by the installing apps
    • Junk photos
    • Junk notifications
  • Antivirus feature which detects the viruses in the device
  • Eradicate the unnecessary apps running in the background by consuming the battery of the device
  • Provide the AppLock feature to protect privacy
  • Clean your RAM by freeing it
  • Saves your battery life
  • Very simple interface is there’
  • User-friendly
  • Navigation through the app is very easy
  • Limited time; just only few seconds will take to perform a task
  • Free
  • Provide opportunity to manage files
  • Allows fast charging of the android

Cons of Clean Master Apk

  • Too many ads
  • File recovery possibility is not there
  • Some believe that the app eat the battery life- but it is still not proved

In order to download and find how to install guide click here: