5 Web Technologies Every Web Developer Must Know

Web development isn’t a course that you study and ace. It’s an expertise that requires steady learning, and there’s no second thoughts on that. The patterns around you change, clients’ requirement changes, Google changes, and on everything, new technologies are presented day by day. Presently in web development, you need to adapt to these progressions and patterns on the off chance that you need to remain on top, and that is exactly what we are going to discuss today.

Web developers are growing in number at a quick pace. Truth be told, web development is blasting with an extensively huge number of software houses that are attempting to create software for brands from all around the globe. Glance around, and you’ll see that nearly everybody is attempting to become one because the demand out there is very high. In such a circumstance, you have to concoct approaches to make yourself stick out and be one of a kind. Talking about which, the best you can do is to remain up-to-date on the web technologies that are assuming control over the web right now.

What is Web Technology?

You have likely heard the term “web development technology” previously, however, did you ever consider what it implies? Since computers can’t speak with each other in the manner in we individuals do, they require lines of code. Web technologies are the multimedia bundles packages and markup languages computer use for communication.

There are infinite web technologies, and we if start to mention all of those, then we might end up writing 1000000…… words. Therefore, to save us from this hassle, we’ll only share the top 5 with you:


The most significant skill each developer ought to learn first is these three essential structure blocks: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will use HTML and CSS in frontend for interfaces. You will discover the structure of your website where a ton of HTML tags are utilized for various purposes.

CSS is likewise used in the frontend that chooses the style, structure, and format and how HTML components should be shown on the screen.

JavaScript is highly popular these days and it is fundamentally answerable for making your HTML pages dynamic and responsive. JavaScript likewise accompanies an assortment of languages like PHP, Python, ASP.Net to make your website increasingly responsive. On the off chance that you’re going to spend significant time in JavaScript like MEAN Stack or MERN stack, at that point you’re going to profound plunge into this language since this one will be your frontend just as backend language.

  1. Frameworks

Frameworks are worked to make building and working with programming languages simpler. Frameworks commonly take all the troublesome, dreary assignments in setting up another web application and either do them for you or make them extremely simple for you to do. Here are few frameworks for you:

  • Django – a full-stack structure built using python
  • Node.js – a server-side javascript system
  • Ruby on Rails – a full-stack system built using ruby
  • Phonegap/Cordova – mobile framework
  • WordPress – a CMS based on PHP
  • Bootstrap – a (UI) system for working with HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • .NET – a full-stack framework administered by Microsoft
  • Establishment – a UI system for working with HTML/CSS/Javascript
  1. Programming Languages

As a web developer, you most likely know the significance of writing code, and so forth, particularly in website design. Then again, in web development, you can make use of programming languages to deliver projects of any degree to satisfy your wants. So what programming languages are especially upstanding for use with web development? Which programming languages are the furthermost helpful? Furthermore, which are simple for novice developers to learn? Well, this depends on the kind of business you’re working for.

Different programming languages include:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Objective C
  • PHP

Every language serves an alternate logic and syntax, which is something you should know. Particularly the PHP and Python language are all the more generally used, so it’s better that you start from them.

  1. Protocols

The guidelines for how to pass data to and fro among PCs and devices are generally known as protocols. There are protocols that every web developer should know:

  • HTTP

Because of this convention, every website can get to the browser. HTTP protocol demands the website from Google’s server and afterward gets a response with the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of the website.

  • DDP

This protocol is used to make a steady link/connection between the customer and the server. Because of that, you get website updates progressively without refreshing the site or the browser.

  • REST

This protocol is used for the most part for API’s, it has standard strategies like GET, POST, and PUT that let data be traded between applications.

  1. API (Application Programming Interface)

An API (application programming interface) permits different developers to utilize a portion of the application’s usefulness without sharing the code. The endpoints are uncovered by the developers while the API can control access with an API key. Instances of APIs are those made by Facebook, Twitter, and Google for their web frameworks. There is an amazing Github store of APIs that you can use and it additionally gives you a great deal of project ideas. We suggest you start with Rest APIs, CRUD operation and HTTP request methods.



These are a couple of web technology that is an unquestionable requirement to learn for you if you need to stand apart as a web developer. This list doesn’t end here; actually, there’s significantly more to web development that you have to consider. It will require some investment to ace this aptitude, however, what’s significant is to save your enthusiasm for learning alive, and afterward, all the things will become all-good for you naturally.

A debt of gratitude is for you, we hope that you’ve discovered something in here that gave you another approach to consider or discuss web technology. This was not intended to be a widely inclusive list, yet rather an approach to discuss all the incredible technologies we have readily available. If you’re looking for a certification in web development, then NEIU’s web development certification is the best choice for you.