7 Things To Expect In A Consultation With A Personal Injury Attorney

If you have recently from some injury during a car crash or any kind of accident, you will probably want to file a compensation claim. The process is however not that easy to manage solely. As such, you will require the assistance of a Personal Injury Attorney to help you through the process.

Before you hire the attorney, you will seek a consultancy session with them. Here we have narrowed down the 7 things you should expect in a consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney.

  1. You & The Attorney Will Introduce Yourselves

Similar to every meeting, you and the attorney will introduce yourselves to each other. The attorney might shed light on their previous experience such as other personal injury cases they must have dealt with.

  1. The Attorney Will Ask You Questions

Once the introductions are done, the attorney will move ahead by asking you the details of your accident. You will have to explain the whole scenario and try your best not to omit any single detail, including if the insurance company has made you any offer.

  1. You Will Show Your Documents

It would be best to take your medical reports, accident report, and photographs from the accident and any other documents you feel necessary.

  1. The Attorney Will Evaluate Your Case

After viewing your documents and listening to your story, the attorney will evaluate your case if they can take the case or not. Attorneys often have a lot on their plate, so they have to determine if they can dedicate the necessary time to an additional case.

For example, the Rochester personal injury attorneys at King Law try their level best not to promise the client more than what they can deliver, for the benefit of both people. Your attorney should treat you professionally, honestly and with transparency.

  1. The Attorney Will Calculate Your Approximate Damages

Based on the scenario presented, documents shown and evaluation done by the attorney, the attorney will start calculating the approximate charges that you can claim for. This includes your medical expenses, lost wages and non-economic damages such as pain and anguish or trauma that you have suffered.

  1. You Will Ask Your Ask Questions

Do not forget to prepare a list of questions before you go to your consultation, because, you might end up forgetting them during the meeting itself.

You can ask all kinds of questions from the attorney, such as, if they have handled similar cases before, how much time they will give to your case, if they will be accessible enough to meet you from time to time, how much they will charge, and any other questions you feel necessary.

  1. You Will Evaluate The Attorney

Once you have asked your round of questions, you will make the final call as to whether you find the attorney suitable or not. Given your budget (if they do not work on a contingency basis) and comfort zone, you will decide if you can proceed with hiring the concerned attorney.