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There are several types of bongs to choose from. Here’s a quick reference guide to help you pick the best one for you. This blog by experts at Puff 21 Smoke Shop in Texas is an analysis of the different types of bongs by shape.

What is a Bong?

Bongs are a popular smoking accessory that has been used to smoke dry herbs and tobacco for millennia. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each meant to offer a distinct smoking experience. In this article, we will look at five distinct varieties of bongs based on their shape.

Different Types of Bongs by Shape.

  1. Beaker Bongs. These bongs feature a larger base, much like a scientific beaker. Because of the broader base, more water can be utilized, resulting in better filtering and smoother impacts. Beaker bongs typically have a more stable base than straight tube bongs, making them less likely to tip over. They are also more durable, making them an excellent choice for heavy smokers.
  2. Straight Tube Bongs. These bongs are straight and cylindrical in form, as the name implies. They are usually basic in design, with a straight neck, a base, and a bowl. The smoke goes from the bowl down the stem and into the water, where it filters and cools before reaching the user. Straight tube bongs are popular among smokers who seek a traditional, no-nonsense smoking experience. They are also simple to clean and maintain, making them an excellent choice for new smokers.
  3. Percolator Bongs. Percolator bongs make use of a percolator, a tiny device that filters the smoke as it goes through the water. Percolators are available in a variety of forms and styles, such as tree percolators and honeycomb percolators. Smokers that desire a more intense smoking experience are drawn to these bongs.
  4. Round Base Bongs. Round base bongs are distinguished by their rounded form at the bottom. They are distinguished by a long, straight neck and a bowl at the top. Like beaker bongs, they provide a stable base for the user. Round base bongs, on the other hand, have a smaller water chamber than beaker bongs, which might result in less filtering and a harsher effect.
  5. Recycler Bongs. These bongs have a unique construction that filters the smoke numerous times before it reaches the user via a series of chambers and tubes. Recycler bongs are popular with smokers who desire a smoother hit with a cleaner flavor.

What Kind of Bong Should You Use?

The kind of bong you should choose is entirely dependent on your tastes and requirements. One of the finest things you can do is try out several varieties of bongs and determine which ones you like. Good luck, and have fun smoking!

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