A paper cone sleeve is a best type of ice cream cone covering that prevents the ice cream from dripping. Majority of people like to use the cone sleeve of paper material because they are easy to make and use. Furthermore, ice cream cone sleeves made of paper are very cheap as compared to other cone sleeves. 

A paper cone sleeve is used to wrap the cone of the ice cream. Therefore, that sleeve should be chosen to wrap the cone that has the capability to hold the cone in it tightly. For this purpose, one should consider the size of the cone to be wrapped.

How to determine the size of the cone sleeves 

There are different sized of ice cream cone sleeves that are designed due to the availability of different sized cone ice creams in the market. People who professionally deal with the business of ice cream often use the machine that generates the cone sleeve of the required size. The user is required to adjust the angle of the mouth of the ice cream cone sleeves and rest of the job is done by the machine. Hence people can easily prepare the custom cone sleeves without any hassle

There are some people who create the cone sleeves at home with hands. Such people have to use the measuring tape that can tell them the size of the mouth and the length of the cone to be used.  


  • Large sized cone sleeve


The ice cream cone of the large size needs a bigger sleeve that can cover it well. The large sized cone is generally wider than other cones. The cone sleeves that are designed for large sized cones are also wider as compared to those designed for other cones of different sized. This cone is taller in length and it has more slant height than others. 

  1. Regular size cone sleeves

There is a cone which is regarded to have a regular and normal size. Most of the people prefer buying the regular ice cream cones. The cone sleeves used for regular ice cream have a much smaller height as compared to the larger sleeve. The slant height is also lesser if we compare it with the larger cone sleeve


  • Small cone sleeves


This is the smallest size of sleeves that can be used for the covering of the ice cream cone. It is much smaller than other two sizes and its width is also lesser. The cone sleeve designed for small ice cream cone is smaller in size

If you are going to organise a party at your home and want to serve your guests the ice cream, then you will be in the need to choose the ice cream sleeve of the appropriate size. There are many sellers selling Wholesale cone sleeve online. If you want to buy thee custom cone sleeves, then you should definitely choose to buy the Wholesale cone sleeve which will cost you less and will give you sleeves of different sizes.