Different Roof Shapes and Styles

One of the most valuable parts of a house is the roof. A high quality roof can guarantee you a hundred percent protection against any storm but you need to maintain these so it will last longer.

To add aesthetics to your roof, here are some roof shapes and styles that you can choose from.

Gable roofs

Gable roofs are popular for their triangular shape and easy installation.

Hip roofs

Hip roofs consist of four sides and slopes with an equal length that come together at the top. This is the best choice if you live in an area with strong winds as it has the strength and slope that can shed snow and water.

Lastly, Mansard roofs

Mansard roofs are expensive compared to other roof designs but the opportunities that you can do with this roof and with all the space is unlimited.

No matter what shape, design, kind, material or style of the roof that you will choose, make sure that it perfectly fits your requirements at home.

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And for more information, check out this infographic by Universal Contracting of Florida.