Difference In Between an Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, and Optician

You witness the beauty of this world through your eyes. Your eyes carry your emotion and express so many things which are hard to say or express. Eyes are one of the precious and most vital senses of the human body. One should take all the precautions and do the utmost care to prevent eyes from any slight infection.

Diet factor affects your eyes up to a significant extent. As we see the children of age 11 years or below wear glasses to get the proper vision, which also confirms that the children are not having sufficient diet or the vitamins which are crucial for eyes.

One must be careful about choosing their eye care specialist, as this decision will confirm the proper care of your eyes. An experienced eye expert will safeguard your precious sense of light and support to maintain a good vision for long. Let’s understand the difference in between an Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, and Optician where all are considered as eyes specialists by some people. However, they have the expertise to treat different eyes related to ailments.  

Role of an Ophthalmologist:

An Ophthalmologist is an expert who has years of experience in treating eye’s problems related to vision and gain expertise. These experts are trained to perform an eye examination, diagnose, prescribed medicine, performed surgery and treatments of eye’s related ailments. Also, they can provide a prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses.  

One should be conscious about the health of their eyes. In case of any unusual feeling, one should immediately contact to an Ophthalmologist in your city. Medical websites like careclues.com provide a supporting interface to find the Ophthalmologist in your location in a short time. If you are looking for Ophthalmologist in Kolkata, then perform the relevant search through the website, next moment you will see a list of Ophthalmologists in Kolkata, and then you can check their experience, rating, patient’s feedback, and consultation fee. Book your appointment online and get your eye checkup done. Job of an Optometrist is quite similar to an Ophthalmologist.

Role of an Optician:

An optician is not an eye doctor. However, they play a significant role to protect your eyes from any further problems. An optician has the expertise to understand the feedback of an Ophthalmologist. Also, they can help you to get the exact glasses as per your prescription. You may ensure your visibility through an optician.

At any point, you are not feeling comfortable about getting a recommendation from the medical website; then you can visit the eye specialist through your friends and family member’s recommendations. Your eye care should be paramount for you. Always.