Designing a Great Home Office: 5 Tips


Do you find yourself working from home lately? Working at the dining room table is fine for a day or two, but if you are looking at a long-term arrangement, a home office is the way to go. Set yourself up for success with the following ideas.

Dedicated Space

If you can, set aside a space for use only as your office. Converting an extra bedroom or guest room is ideal. If you do not have a room to spare, build a shed in your yard. With a sturdy floor, solid roof, some insulation and a source of power, you can create your own office building.

Office Furniture

Get a desk that gives you ample workspace, especially if you need multiple computer screens. If you print documents, include a printer shelf. Even in today’s virtual world, some paper files may be necessary. For good, cost-effective organization, buy enough used office file cabinets to house all paperwork in one spot. Try a wardrobe-style unit that includes shelves and cabinets for a truly versatile storage solution. An ergonomically correct desk chair with lumbar support is a must to prevent back strain. Be sure you can adjust the height and armrests to fit you perfectly.

Proper Lighting

Good lighting is important for many reasons. Adequate lighting prevents eye strain, which can help you avoid headaches and fatigue. It also brightens your mood and can increase productivity. Natural light is best, but full-spectrum daylight bulbs will do. Just be sure your office is bright, with adequate task lighting and no glare on your screens. 

Room to Move

Sitting at your desk for hours on end is a bad idea. At a traditional office, you can break up your day with trips to the water cooler, visits with a colleague down the hall and a run to the supply closet. At home, you may need to arrange your office creatively; make room for a treadmill or elliptical machine if possible. A headset makes it easier to pace or stretch while on the phone. Place frequently used items across the room so you have to get up and walk a few times each hour. Keep snacks, water and coffee in the kitchen; it seems counterintuitive, but sometimes a little inconvenience can work in your favor.

Beautiful Personal Items

You will spend hours at a time in your home office, so make it a space you love. Paint the walls your favorite color, hang some pleasing artwork. Houseplants are essential for an optimal workspace; they improve your mood, reduce your stress and clean the air.