Laundry tips to Reduce Indoor Allergens

Is Your Laundry Routine Making Your Allergies Worse?

If you or anyone in your house has allergies, the way you handle your laundry can greatly affect indoor allergies.Learn laundry tips that will help reduce allergens and create a healthier environment at your home.

Keep your Washer and Dryer clean to Reduce Allergies

It is important to keep your washer and dryer cleaned frequently to prevent and reduce indoor allergens.

Washers, especially front load machines, can harbor mold and mildew on gaskets and hoses.

The key isto clean I regularly, to keep your clothes dryer from becoming an allergy-inducing machine. Vented dryers pull the moisture out of the clothes and should send it to escape out of an outside vent. However, if that vent is clogged, mildew can grow worse. Clean the dryer lint trap after every wash and check dryer vents often for your health and safety.

Non-vented dryers use a compressor and a collection bin to hold moisture drawn out of clothes. These bins must be emptied frequently and cleaned to prevent the growth of mold.

Careful selection of Laundry Products to Reduce Allergies

By using laundry products that are free of dyes and fragrances, be it detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, you will reduce the chances of contact dermatitis, chemical sensitivity and asthma.

You may wish to not purchase commercial products and choose natural products which incorporate natural ingredients like distilled white vinegar and baking soda. You can refer to the Stain removal techniques using completely natural ingredients by UClean.

Reduce Outside Allergens by Handling Laundry the right way

Outdoor allergens like pollen, chemicals and dust come in the house along with the clothes you are wearing.  Learn how to eliminate those problems in the laundry. One suggestion to reduce introducing these allergens into your home is to shed your clothing in the separate room or garage to prevent allergens coming into the living area.

While most of us like to have the clothes dried in the sunshine, those clothes and linens also bring in allergens during high pollen count days. If you suffer from outdoor allergens, skip the clothesline and go for an indoor drying rack or use the dryer.