Your body makes certain hormones naturally. These substances that encourage certain actions to occur in your cells or tissue. Sometimes, your body doesn’t produce an adequate amount of a hormone, which can lead to everything from a loss in muscle and fatigue to menstrual abnormalities and abnormal hair growth. Fortunately, natural bio-identical hormone supplements are available to help. This list can help you understand the hormones your body produces and why.


Dehydroepiandrosterone, as referred to as DHEA or androstenolone, classifies as an endogenous steroid hormone. As one of the most abundant circulating steroids, this hormone is produced in the brain, adrenal gland, and gonads. It helps with the production of estrogen and testosterone. As you age, your body doesn’t produce as much. You may feel depressed or suffer from fatigue as a result of a DHEA deficiency. You could also experience a decreased sex drive and start to lose muscle mass.


Leptin is found in your adipose cells as well as your enterocytes, which are in your small intestines. This hormone regulates your energy levels. It affects your energy levels by stimulating hunger. Sometimes, people are born with a leptin deficiency. A person who has a leptin deficiency may be under or overweight. Constant food cravings are the signs of a leptin deficiency, too. Sometimes, people with a deficiency don’t eat enough or feel stressed regularly. It can even affect your sleep.


Your thyroid releases calcitonin. Mainly, calcitonin affects your bones. Its primary responsibility is to enhance calcium deposition in addition to phosphate regulation in the bones. Therefore, it’s necessary for strong bones. Additionally, it prohibits calcium reabsorption. This particular hormone is a tumor marker. Often, a high level of calcitonin in a person may indicate cancer. On the other hand, a person without an adequate amount may develop brittle nails, have muscle cramps, or experience yellowing of his or her teeth.


Renin is a hormone secreted by your kidneys. It controls your blood volume and plays a role in blood pressure regulation. If you have an irregular blood pressure reading, your doctor may order a test to see your renin levels.


Estrogen is available as natural bio-identical hormone supplements. Commonly, this is a hormone thought of as a female-only hormone. However, both men and women produce it. Women produce more of it than men. In women, this group of hormones is responsible for the mood changes associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It’s necessary for a woman to bear children because it encourages the growth of the egg follicle. In men, it plays a role in cardiovascular health.

While it’s important to recognize the symptoms of a deficiency so you can visit your primary care physician (PCP), keep in mind that hormone deficiencies are treatable. One way is through natural bio-identical hormone supplements.