cheerleading fundraisers: How to

Being a cheerleader is never easy. It is always being partnered with difficult tasks, from not only leading your team with your performances but also providing finances. You might be reaching the point of giving up. You start thinking that you do not have another choice but to surrender because no one can finance you. Before you can do what you are thinking, pause for a while and wait a minute. Here, we will give you some cheerleading fundraisers.

Think about selling. In selling, you can make a profit from it. You can sell around many things. Choose a product that matches the current mood and season. For example, sell cold foods such as popsicles during the summer season and sell hot foods or drinks such as hot chocolates during the winter season. You can also choose an occasion and match your product to it. One example is when you sell flowers and cards during Valentine’s season, lanterns or other decorations during the Christmas seasonFor help with your cheer fundraising, visit Fundraising Zone.  .

You might be asking, “Where to get a product to sell?” You have a variety of options available. First, you can buy a product and resell it to people. Some people buy the bulk of products so you can sell those packages. The decision is in you whether you sell a package of the product containing assorted things inside or sell just one set of products.

You can also ask for a partnership from suppliers with you. Negotiate with you and them. Help them sell their product then they can share a percentage from its profit. You can then keep the money for your team.

If you do not have even just a small amount of money that will serve as your capital investment for buying things to sell, you can make your product. Get to know your members’ talents. You may use your talents in producing your own product. For example, one of you has a talent for painting, photography, or writing. You can create a piece of artwork or albums then sell it to people. You can also negotiate with individuals or organizations that might need your services. As an artist or writer, offer your service to them then be paid for it.

What if you see yourself as someone who is not good at selling?

This article is not only for cheerleaders but it is also for members who want to help their team. So before you can say, “But I am not good at selling,” be reminded that you have your team with you. You do not have to be alone in raising funds for your upcoming activities. You can do the selling together and you can scatter in different places during some of your free time for making money. Go and communicate with your team and build a strategy you think might be effective.

If you still cannot make up your mind and still think that you are not into selling, you can proceed to donation. You do not necessarily have to act as if you are a beggar. You can make flyers, posters or brochures advertising your team with information on where they can send some money to support you.

You might be hesitant in doing this because you might be thinking that you are fooling people when technically you are not. In fact, those who will send you donations are more likely to be voluntary rather than the classic one. However, this does not mean that you should not use the classic one where you are directly telling people what you need. There are still individuals who prefer direct statements. It has to be noted however that there are people who are generally generous even if you are not asking them to be. Some are more likely to respond in advertisements or if not, seeing something beautiful is enough for them to give you something in return.

Before this article ends, do you know that you can combine the two methods mentioned above? Yes, you have read it correctly. To do that, you start selling the product (whether it will be a thing or foods) and tell people that you are selling it for a cause. Some people are more likely to love buying your product if they know that aside from getting their own benefits, it also allows them to help you. This way, you put people into a win-win situation. The bonus is they might start to think that what they did is just like donating. Who knows? If they have more money, they can buy more from you.

Finally, we just presented you with some ideas of how you can do to raise funds for your team. For sure, you can think of some more. If you are a cheerleader, you can always work with your team. In the same way, if you are a team member, you can reach out to your cheerleader and work together for fundraising. Lack of money can be a big problem. However, despite the stress it brings, we encourage you to have fun and enjoy it. With that being said, happy cheerleading. Happy fundraising!