Cbd isolate: uses, benefits, and effects

In the early days for cannabis culture (the 1960s, 70s, 80s) you had only two options to consume you. You could either smoke it, or bake it in brownies.

We all know that this was a long, long time ago. Heck, even though “chronic” only had one definition (and had nothing to do pot), understanding the past is essential to help us appreciate the present.

What is cbd isolate?

Cbd isolate is cbd as it is purest form.

We’ll talk more about cbd isolate making. It is a process that separates cbd (or isolates it) from all the other ingredients in the marijuana plant.

It is therefore called cbd isolate. It’s very similar to the almost-100 percent pure THC extract being promoted by the cannacommunity.

Cbd isolate is typically available in one of the following formats:

  • Crystals
  • Powder

Crystal cbd is the more refined, but only one can use it (dabbing). Powder cbd isolate is pulverized, processed crystals that are versatile. We will discuss these methods at the conclusion of this article. Let’s first take a look how cbd isolate is made.

How cbd isolate made?

It begins with a strain of high-cbd hemp, such as charlotte’s web. Cbd isolate is made from these types cannabis strains because they contain more THC and cbd than other strains such as blue dream and sour diesel.

When the cannabis plant matures, it is harvested and processed for some sort of extraction. This is done to extract the cannabinoids terpenes, trichomes and flavonoids as well other chemical goodies. Common methods of extraction include:

  • Co2
  • Butane
  • Alcohol/ethanol

A cannabis concentrate is what you get at the end. The form you choose to keep the cannabis concentration (e.g. Liquid, semisolid or solid) will determine how it is made. You can then use the concentrate to make tincture, wax, oil and/or a shatter.

However, to make cbd isolated from hemp, you need to refine your concentrate through a process called winterization.

Winterization, a fancy science term, is the process of cooling down a chemical mixture to remove impurities. The winterization of cbd isolate removes waxes. But it also removes terpenes.

There is a huge debate around whole-plant cannabis as opposed to isolates. The reason for this is that the chemicals that are used to isolate cannabis can have positive effects when taken together.

It’s not as easy as it seems. Although some extraction techniques can be done at home for certain cannabis strains, winterization is more involved than simply keeping your concentrate in the fridge for a few extra days.

Is cbd isolate going to get you high?

Cbd isolate and any cbd products won’t make you high. It is because the extraction process uses high-cbd/low THC strains.

If you were to choose a high THC strain, the isolate and concentrate would get you high. But, it wouldn’t be a cbd isolating. It would be a thc-isolate instead.

What is the Benefits and Impacts of CBD Isolate on Your Body?

When someone asks about the benefits of CBD in general, or CBD isolate specifically, they want to find out if it will help with their particular mental or physical problem.

When people ask about the effect CBD, they want information on side effects.

We will be examining each aspect individually in order to provide you with a complete picture of the potential benefits and side effects of CBD.