4 Reasons Only Professionals Should Remove Asbestos

Asbestos is a thin and fibrous crystal that is only visible with a microscope. It is difficult to detect due to its lack of distinctive smell or taste, yet despite being seemingly inert, inhalation or exposure can cause lung cancer and many other deadly respiratory diseases.

The prevalence of asbestos is caused by the material’s heavy usage in construction in the 1990s due to its fireproof and durable quality. Up until now, it is difficult to distinguish asbestos from other common construction materials, making it difficult to identify or eliminate.

Asbestos Removal Sydney

Australia in its entirety had banned the use, import, and sale of asbestos as early as 2003. Unfortunately, mega-tons of asbestos remain community hazards in many buildings, homes, machinery, and vehicles, and the mitigation of this threat is limited by the high risk involved in its removal and the relative difficulty in determining its contamination.

To fight this, why many companies and authorities have made it their mission to train, certify and qualify professionals to address the issue of asbestos removal Sydney needs to solve.

  1. They Have the Right Equipment & Tools to Remove Asbestos

Disturbed asbestos is especially toxic. The most common venue for exposure is through the inhalation of suspended fibers in the air. The immediate results of inhaling asbestos can cause difficulty breathing, hypertension, and trouble swallowing. The long-term effects of prolonged exposure can get as dire as mesothelioma and other types of cancer. Hence, it is immensely more convenient and safer to hire professional asbestos removal teams to safely dispose of this harmful substance.

Asbestos removal companies outfit their teams with highly specialized personal protective equipment (PPE) before they are cleared to handle asbestos.

  1. They Are Fully-Insured 

Good asbestos removal companies should have public liability insurance —a crucial requirement for those in this waste management and similarly hazardous industries. This ensures that in case of unplanned incidents and accidents, the company is entitled to financial and medical compensation for any employees exposed to the harmful effects of asbestos. This can also extend to cover potential damage to private properties caused by the operation.

  1. They Are Well-trained and Experienced in the Field 

Asbestos removal is a hazardous occupation, and professionals in this field are required to undergo intensive training and have proper certification. In New South Wales, asbestos removers require at least a demolition license and either a class A or a class B license for asbestos removal, which require 12 months to three years of industry experience, on top of completion of approved training courses. Some professional asbestos removers also retain demolition licenses, as they are regularly involved in demolition and renovation projects. The most reputable asbestos removal companies are even regularly hired by the government to clean public contamination.

  1. Efficient and Cost-Effective

When dealing with asbestos, removal companies have to work thoroughly, efficiently and swiftly toprevent any cross-contamination. Working fast can keep community disruption to a minimum and prevent the substance from spreading even further in the affected area.

Final Thoughts

Asbestos contamination is a serious problem that should not be taken lightly. Even though its use is illegal in many countries, its prevalence in history means massive quantities of asbestos remain undetected in many public and private zones. If you suspect asbestos might be present in your home, it is legally mandated that only professional removal companies handle its safe and efficient removal.