How are mezzanine floors installed?

A mezzanine floor provides many benefits to warehouses and office spaces. Whether you are looking to organize your storage facility or add a new base to your office, mezzanine floors can help you with both these options. Despite the storage platforms being functional and practical, many businesses have not yet experienced mezzanine floors. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the mezzanine floor supplier to make the installation process of the mezzanine floor wholly hassle-free and safe. If you want mezzanine floors installed in your storage space or office, check out mezzanine floor Malaysia.

Steps to installing the mezzanine floor:

Survey the site

The first and foremost step in installing mezzanine floors is the surveillance of the site where the flooring is to be installed. There are many reasons why this step is crucial. When the manufacturer visits the site, they get an idea of the size of the mezzanine floor that must be built. Furthermore, a survey of the site also allows them to identify any hurdles or issues that may arise during installation. Thus, the manufacturers can be ready to face the obstacles and make sure that setting up the mezzanine goes without a hitch.

Installation within time

Even though the process of setting up an installation is pretty easy and quick compared to any other structure when it comes to flooring, the floor suppliers will have to take over the entire workspace where the platform needs to be set up. Even though this depends on your storage platform size, you should have a break for a couple of days when no one will be accessing the workplace where the installation will be going on. The most significant advantage in the case of mezzanine floors is that they can get installed relatively quickly. For the racks on the mezzanine check out Heavy Duty Rack System Malaysia.

Safety and health procedures

Since mezzanine floor systems are substandard in terms of safety and health, you must make sure that all health and safety guidelines are constantly followed by the suppliers. Once the platform has been installed, you should have a quality checklist, and the platform must pass through every check before it is used. Here are a few things that you must check:

    • The stairs are adequately secured, and do not feel uneasy if pressure is applied.
    • All the bolts and screws have been tightened to the maximum possible limit.
    • Check the chassis by applying pressure on it. It should be strong and sturdy.
    • If any storage or rack units have been fixed on the system, make sure that they are functioning correctly and are completely secure.

These quality checks will ensure the prevention of any workplace hazard. If you find a problem, even if it is minor, bring it to the attention of the mezzanine floor suppliers. They will get it rectified as soon as possible. However, never compromise on the safety of your workers or yourself. It may take longer for the mezzanine flooring system to be up and functional. Still, it is better than facing a hazard later.