Best Teacher For Sociology Optional in UPSC Exams

Appearing for the UPSC exam requires much preparation and research in every possible direction. As you must be aware Civil Services exam is one of the toughest exams conducted by the UPSC board, getting coached under the best institute is necessary for getting good marks.

The best teacher for sociology optional is one who is an expert in the field of sociology; with years of teaching experience and practice this sociology teacher will help all the aspirants to achieve their goals. The expert teacher will have some tricks and tips which will help you crack the Civil Service exam. 

Many expert professors are working for top IAS coaching institutes in India, they make study materials and test papers for their students. The one who gives 100% commitment towards teaching his students is the best teacher in any field. 

Online classes: 

The introduction of online classes as a second mode of education made the life of all professionals easy. They can attend sociology optional coaching online classes depending on their schedule and not worry about going to physical classes. It helps you continue work in your field besides preparing for the UPSC exam. 

However, there are many pros and cons of online teaching, do your research properly before getting enrolled in the institute. All the study material and notes will be available online for you to read and memorize whenever possible. The online coach will be present to clear your doubts and review your assignments. 

Syllabus of sociology: 

The syllabus of sociology is very vast and the exam paper is divided into two papers, the candidate must appear and clear both the papers as the marks will be added up for the total. Once you clear the sociology test series UPSC you can also prepare for other subjects. 

The main reason why candidates opt for sociology is that this subject is relatable to practical life. The subject is easy to understand and even people from different backgrounds can appear for this subject. 

However, being in regular touch with your teachers till the end of the exams will be beneficial. The best teachers will go out of their way to teach their students, apart from giving basic information they tend to give live examples of the society which will help the candidates to associate with the real world. 

Advantages of sociology in UPSC:

  • Sociology is one of the scoring subjects in UPSC CS exams; it has nontechnical questions making it easy to answer.
  • The syllabus is easy to understand and can be associated with practical scenarios.
  • Candidates from different backgrounds can opt for this subject and there is no compulsion of having sociology as a base. 

Preparation tips:

  • The candidate should keep his focus on finishing the syllabus by trying to cover most of the topics.
  • Analyzing the important topics and finishing them first.
  • Referring books, the internet, and magazines for revised policies and schemes. 
  • Improving your literacy skills will help you in putting your thoughts together more efficiently.
  • Giving importance to another subject equally to score marks from different fields.
  • Nowadays google word coach is a great tool to improve one’s vocabulary.

The eligibility criteria for UPSC exams are a minimum of 22 years and a maximum of 32 years of age. There is a total of six attempts given to clear the Civil Services exam. 

IAS officer is a prestigious position who is given special powers; he is in charge of many major developments of policies and schemes. Ministers from across the country are asked to hold conference with an IAS officer discussing the major issues.  

Once you become an IAS officer, you get a chance to implement the knowledge you have gathered throughout the preparation period.