Best Payment Methods to Use in 2021


An insight into the latest tools helping consumers look at day-today finances differently.

We live in the age where technological advancements have added extra convenience in every aspect of our lives. This long list includes the way we make our payments as well. Let’s look at the latest methods of payment changing the very fundamentals of our day-to-day finances:

  1. Mobile Payments

Apps like PaytTm, GPay and PhonePay have become household names now. The trying times during the pandemic have greatly added to the usage of such mobile payment methods in India.

According to the 2020 India Mobile Payments Markets Report by S&P Global, India processed the highest number of real-time transactions in 2019. By the end of 2020, experts believe that mobile payment volume will has reached an estimated $503 billion USD. Merchants who are yet to accept mobile payments may see the advantage here to look towards this technology, as the future seems robust.

  1. Buy Now, Pay Later

The buy now, pay later apps have created the latest buzz in the Indian markets. They have been designed with the core target audience being the aspirational Indian millennials and Generation Z. These financial services allow consumers to buy their desired products/services even before the entire payment is made – which is usually done over a set of installments.

This method is a game changer for retailers offering high-ticket items as these can pave the way to free up inventory storage space and cost. With the ever increasing number of multiple payment methods, it’s safe to say that customers will wish to continue to desire higher flexibility in the purchasing process.

  1. Bajaj EMI Card

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card is the revolutionary way to purchase big-ticket items. EMI Card is an exclusive card, which provides you with a pre-approved loan and helps you convert your purchases into easy, customized no Cost EMI. The Bajaj Finance Card unlocks a world of seamless online shopping, with the added benefit of shopping affordably on easy EMIs and re-payment at your convenience.

You can easily apply for the Bajaj EMI Card at Finserv MARKETS, buy the products that you desire and pay at your chosen tenure.


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