Benefits of a Virtual Event in Singapore Over an In-Person One

Events are some of the most useful tools in a business’s arsenal. They are used for marketing and sales and are useful in disseminating information and keeping their workers informed about future prospects and changes within the company. Seminars and other events help businesses fulfil a wide range of functions. But since most companies prefer in-person events, it’s difficult to see how a virtual event in Singapore can compare.

There’s only so much that you can do over written communication and text. A lot of people prefer face-to-face meetings to discuss concerns in real-time. A lot of nuance and concerns get lost with messages, letters, and the like. Emails or text messages are hardly better at giving context to many important issues. Live events and meetings will be irreplaceable for connecting with other people.

But sometimes, it’s not feasible to hold in-person events. As an example, look at the happenings of the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic is a perfect picture of why in-person events are not possible in every circumstance. Face to face contact with many people could pose a health risk.

With the advent of online video and video technology, it’s now possible to hold meetings and events online. A virtual exhibition in Singapore can still be held live, without having to get attendees physically in the same venue. Aside from avoiding health risks, there are also a few other reasons why a virtual event might be preferable to a live event.

Choosing a virtual event over an in-person one

In-person events will never go out of fashion. The main draw of an in-person event is that the experience of going to one cannot be replicated. People will still choose to shell out more expensive tickets to see their favourite bands in a live concert. An online party will be a pale shadow compared to an in-person party complete with food and drinks. But for other aspects, a virtual event would win out over in-person events. Here are some reasons why businesses might not want to organise an in-person event.

1) Prospective guests won’t have a hard time attending the event. One of the biggest downsides to an in-person event is that there’s always a possibility of attendees being unable to attend the event due to location. If the venue is too far away or inconvenient to travel to, guests may choose not to go or are unable to visit in the first place. With virtual or hybrid events, attendees don’t have to worry about missing an event because of a hard-to-reach venue. They can enjoy it in the company of their own home or whatever location they prefer.

2) There are many more tools at an event organiser’s disposal. The best thing about in-person events is the sheer variety of platforms at an event organiser’s disposal. There are many websites offering live streaming services, online seminars and party platforms. Just look for a virtual event company in Singapore that provides all the services you need for your event. For example, you can look for more interactive platforms or a site that can host more viewers.

3) Virtual events are less costly. People are willing to pay more for in-person events, but that is because event organisers have to shoulder more expenses. For example, catering is expensive, as is finding a venue to host an event. When a business does a virtual event instead, they can avoid the necessary costs associated with in-person events. Virtual event fees are cheaper for event organisers, which means they can offer lower prices for attendees if they want.

4) Planning a virtual event is much easier. In-person events can take months to even years to plan because of the numerous factors that come into play. Organising seating plans or venue decorating can be a nightmare when you want a simple event. On the other hand, a virtual event can be planned out and executed much more quickly. While technical errors and difficulties can still occur with virtual events, businesses can contact the platform and get support easily.

5) You can choose to hybridise your event if you want. If a business wants the benefits of a virtual event but also leaves the option of in-person meetings for select attendees, hybrid events are the best option for them. Hybrid events allow people who cannot be physically present at the venue to still join the event. Many in-person event organisers choose this option, in an era where large gatherings are still considered a risk.

Organising your virtual event


Once you have weighed your options and found out that your business will benefit more from hosting a virtual event over an in-person one, you’re far from finishing the job. An event organiser will still have to figure out which virtual event platform will benefit their particular function. Social media websites, for example, may have live streaming tools but are not necessarily the best choice for your event. Business owners should get in touch with ticketing and streaming sites for conversations about the site’s viability to host their event.

Another option to consider is how private the event has to be. If managers host multiple virtual meetings or conferences, then perhaps it is more prudent to invest in private video conferencing equipment. High-tech video conferencing has allowed for clear picture quality and audio. If you play your cards right, you’ll have higher audience engagement despite not holding an in-person event. Have you contacted a virtual event organiser in Singapore today? Talk to one to know more about how to utilise their tools and what features their platform has.

Evention, a virtual event company in Singapore, facilitates events and other services that you, your company, or your organisation need for various purposes. Reach out to them to learn more about how you can make your online events more successful!