Ayurvedic Medicine For Piles

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Piles or fistula or fissure or hemorrhoids all fall under the same category and connected to the anus. It’s just that they are different in their forms, symptoms and methods of treatment. Any discomfort during bowel movement is not necessarily piles. It may be fistula or fissure as well. But they all occur due to poor lifestyle choices, especially food habits. Excessive non-veg food, spicy food, alcohol consumption or stress, you name it. They all lead to some dysfunction in our system and lead to any

one of these. They are also called anorectal diseases and very painful.

Ayurveda has been known to cure such diseases with the utmost ease. Ayurvedic medicine for piles/fistula/fissure/Hemorrhoids is widely used all across the world, mainly in India, for their tremendous benefits. These medicines are made out of natural herbs which have specific properties to heal the condition of piles and reduce the pain in such case. Generally, the pile is a condition where swollen veins of the anal canal cause discomfort or bleeding during discharge of the stool. Ayurvedic medicine for piles fistula/fissure/Hemorrhoids helps reduce any further condition or infections associated with it and slowly heal the present condition and thus reduces the pain a patient undergoes.

Piles or haemorrhoids can be of both types that is internal and external depending on its position, which is inside and outside the rectum, respectively. It is also called ‘arsha’ in Ayurveda. It can be entirely cured by the help of ayurvedic medicines along with dietary changes like fresh fruits and vegetables with less oil and consuming fiber rich food to avoid constipation which is the leading cause behind these diseases. One of the famous ayurvedic medicines, in this case, could be ‘Piles go churan’ which is recommended by several physicians.

Fistula occurs when an anal canal gets infected, and pus is discharged around or inside the anal canal. Ayurvedic medicine for piles/fistula/fissure/Hemorrhoids along with herbal medications or application is useful to treat pus secretion and infections. In addition to ayurvedic medicines, kshar sutra, a well-known practice, also helps in removing the abscess and minimizing the infections. Kshar sutra is a non-surgical procedure and is more convenient and very effective in treating fistula. A lot of research is taking place in the field of Ayurveda to come up with different medicines which can bring a lot of positive benefits in terms of health.

A fissure is a painful condition which usually occurs due to cracks in any part of the anal canal. Ayurvedic treatment through ayurvedic medicines and therapies are useful as they are focused on minimizing the strain on the anal tract by easing bowel movement, healing internal scars along with balancing the three doshas, especially reducing vata and balancing agni for better digestion. High fiber diet and proper hydration are strongly needed to avoid any such condition. Anal fissures could be acute or chronic and cured by the help of Ayurveda. Specific lifestyle changes are also preferred to cure this permanently.