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02 Jun 2023

Author: Kim Renner


Pros and cons of CMS MODX

  MODX is a framework and CMS distributed free of charge (open source). It was first introduced in 2004. Today, two CMS options are available to users: Modx Evolution and Modx Revolution. The first version is no longer supported by developers, but is still popular…


How to Set and Achieve Health and Wellness Goals

Setting and achieving health and wellness goals can be challenging but rewarding. It requires a combination of dedication, self-awareness, and careful planning.  However, improved physical and mental health benefits are well worth the effort. Whether you want to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, or…


What Is Snakeroot Extract, And How Does It Helps?

  Snakeroot extract, an organic medicinal drug used in ancient China, has been in the news again, given its several beneficial properties. It consists of aristolochic acids and associated aporphines, aristolactams, benzylisoquinoline-type alkaloids and isoquinoline.  It has shown inhibition in the growth of a solid…