Are You Curious If EMDR Is An Effective Form Of Therapy? Here’s What To Know?

There are many activities in your daily lifestyle that might cause the body to react negatively to some situations. Among these situations are anxiety-producing moments, which are breathtaking and somewhat interfere with a human’s state of mind. Cases like accidents, the death of a loved one, failure in businesses, and many more can be critical sources of anxiety, which obviously can cause the mind to be troubled. EMDR Therapy for Anxiety is a treatment designed to break the pattern of stress and help you overcome any associated trauma with a simple treatment of eye movements. It is an effective means of lowering panic disorder and panic attacks caused by any past traumatic experiences. If you are distressed and troubled, you might need to consider involving in the use of EMDR treatment to alleviate the challenges you are facing. 


What is EMDR for?

For clinicians, EMDR is referred to as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a treatment designed to help relieve humans of stressful situations related to traumatic happenings and memories in the past. It is an adaptive treatment method in therapy to help you process out the traumatic experiences and their adverse effects in your life. The EMDR is also crafted to help you come to terms with your darkest moments and pull through from the ugly incidence.

When you achieve a successful treatment through the EMDR, new beliefs are formulated around your stressful experiences. The real distress is relieved through new physiological arousal and informative therapy against your fears. In short, EMDR works on your mental perceptions and help your long term painful experiences heal in a short time. 


Benefits of EMDR:

EMDR is a valuable treatment procedure that has been proven to reduce the stress of painful moments and occurrences effectively. Consisting of an eight-stage treatment process, patients are re-orientated and made to drop the negative beliefs they had about past situations in their life. Patients who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and people with a high anxiety level have been successfully treated with this therapy method. Some benefits of EMDR are highlighted below.

It helps Transform your Beliefs:

Consequently, as humans, we based our beliefs on occurrences and factors affecting events happening around us. More so, you might have had a troubling experience and immediately associates it with a wrong moment, which eventually triggered anxiety. EMDR specializes in re-orientating your subconscious mind and help you change the beliefs you have about past situations. The treatment takes aways the power of negatives beliefs and shows you positivity in every case around you. 

Easy Recovery from Trauma:

You might have undergone some depressing moments in life, which has made you have PTSD and distressing memories. With the help of EMDR, you will be able to advance past this trauma disorder and see life from another exciting perspective. Some PTSD suffering you can easily be treated from is divorce, bullying, abuse, and many more.


Start Your Journey to Complete Wellness With Intensivetherapytreatment:

Intensive therapy treatment specializes in private Intensive Therapy Retreats that offer significant results in days, not years. Our retreats combine recent advances in neuroscience and attachment research with EMDR and Internal Family Systems Therapy, enabling us to work with underlying core issues – to get right to the heart of the problem – so that symptoms are totally eliminated or significantly decreased.

Our step-by-step therapeutic process offers lasting relief from the effects of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and low self-esteem. Our clients tell us they feel “lighter”, “transformed”, or “like a huge weight is off my shoulders.” “Why didn’t I know about this sooner?” they ask.