We understand how costly purchasing new printer ink can be. One of the reasons is primarily due to the cartridge’s construction. Instead of being mounted to the interior of the inkjet printer, most cartridges have the print head connected to the cartridge from the factory. Using a refill cartridge kit will undoubtedly help in this situation and, as a result, cut costs.

Print heads on cartridges are much more expensive to produce than simply providing an ink tank. If you’re attempting to keep your printing costs as low as possible, refilling an old cartridge with the print head-on is a better option than buying a replacement cartridge.

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We have gathered all pros and cons for refill cartridge for better knowledge –


  • An ink refill is a good option if you have an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers use liquid ink, which is available in black and three colors, cyan, magenta, and yellow.
  • A reputable printer cartridge refill supplier will employ the highest quality industry-grade ink to provide you with the finest possible ringing and quality per written page.
  • Cartridges are made of plastic, and every time you throw one out, you’re contributing to landfill garbage. By renewing a cartridge three or four times, you may keep it out of the lowlands for a much longer period.
  • With a printer cartridge refill, you will eliminate the cost of purchasing a brand-new OEM cartridge.
  • While purchasing a new cartridge may appear to be less difficult, the cartridge you currently use may be out of stock or no longer available. Renewing your cartridge will at least save you money on a new printer in future.


  • If you have a laser printer then a printer cartridge refill is the worst option. Most toner refill companies drill a hole in the cartridge and fill it with low-quality toner.
  • Refill toner cartridges have an alarmingly high, failure rate and might cause serious damage to your printer.
  • Shopping for low-cost, high-quality ink or toner is generally a good deal, but it’s not always the best option. Your print quality and printer suffer because of the low-quality ink.
  • You will have leaks and your print head will become clogged.
  • Refilling cartridges through DIY can be a pain. You’ll stain your hands or your workspace with the ink and in the worst-case, you may end up clogging the printer head or causing leaks.
  • Your cartridge can only be refilled up to 5 times. There are various types of refilled cartridges available on the market, ranging from those built specifically for your printer model to those that claim to be “compatible” with any printer, but this does not ensure the cartridges’ durability or that they will close at any point.

Many people only consider buying refills since the cost of OEMs has risen so much recently. However, there are other options available, such as compatibles and remanufactured ink and toner cartridges, which will save you on the cost of buying new.