Just Getting By

Kim is a busy mom and wife. Her 4-year-old daughter suffers from a debilitating chronic condition. She homeschools her 13-year-old son and is his Boy Scout Den Mother. She has been married for over 14 years. There is no doubt Kim is a busy woman and she was feeling it, “I had low-grade depression and fought fatigue almost constantly, waking up tired (even after a full night’s sleep) and wondering how I would get through the day. During certain parts of the day, I had to keep myself busy because if I sat down, I would fall asleep.”

Not only was Kim tired from her busy life, but she also had other issues that concerned her. “I had endured years of being plagued by intense, frequent headaches and unexplained, chronic pain. I had started having lapses in memory, forgetting the names of people I see often, she explains.”
Frustrated by the inability to take care of her family the way she envisioned, she sought help from the medical community. “I had gone to many doctors for the various symptoms I was experiencing and never could figure out what was wrong. Everything they would typically test had normal results. I had tried elimination diets and acupuncture and anything I could think of, with little to no relief… I was 46 years old and wondering how I could stand the rest of my life feeling like this.”

“I went to Dr. Rodgers hoping for a solution and when he suggested hormone replacement as a possibility, I jumped on it. I was desperate… “. Kim came to visit Dr. Brian Rodgers with the Family Wellness Clinic. Together they discussed Kim’s symptoms and concerns and reviewed her lab work. Kim, and many busy moms like her, was experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms of testosterone deficiency. They decided Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet therapy would be a beneficial treatment for her symptoms.

A New Beginning

Since having the bioidentical Hormone Pellets Placed, Kim has made some changes in her daily life. “Within 2 weeks I felt like a different person! I woke up feeling full of energy that lasted through the entire day. Even if I slept poorly or had only 4 hours of sleep a few nights in a row, I bounced through the entire day.”

Not only did she have more energy and mental clarity, but her aches and pains also diminished as well, “I felt better around menstruation, my moods, in general, became more balanced and steady. My libido increased (to the delight of my husband). I had fewer, less intense headaches and almost no pain.”

Her husband is on board

Kim’s husband, Bret, saw the woman he married reappear before his eyes. Bret wondered if he could benefit from Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet therapy as well, he was skeptical for himself. Bret states, “I’ve been dealing with depression for the last 4-5yrs and although I try to do things as naturally as possible, I had to resort to depression medication to help. Less than a year ago, even that wasn’t helping. I found myself throughout the day just balling for no reason.” Bret met with Dr. Rodgers, had his blood work done, and together devised a treatment plan for him as well.

“I had to do something because I was basically paralyzed in life, sales, family, etc,” comments Bret. “Kim and I both had it done and it made a HUGE difference in energy, clarity, and libido”, he continues, “For men, the hormone pellets can last about 5 months. With my last placement, when they started wearing off, I SUNK, the emotional mood swings started to come back. So I got them again.”
“Why do I share this? First, I think crying is good. One of the healthiest emotions a human being can express. Second, crying for no reason during a day, or having low energy, or a down outlook, is something worth investigating.” Bret adds “The Family Wellness Clinic – Brian J. Rodgers, D.O., has been a lifesaver, a relationship saver, and a family saver.”

A Family is Thriving

Recently, Kim and Bret were able to spend some much-needed family time at the beach. Airports, Water parks, and adventures were something they just didn’t have the energy or focus to take on prior to having their hormones balanced with Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets.

Kim adds, “I feel happy and overall better than I remember feeling in over 10 years. Now I am 47 years old. I am happy and delighted to be living life again.”

Our lives are greatly affected by hormones. We feel good when our hormones are balanced. When our hormones are low or imbalanced our bodies become fatigued, sick, and dysfunctional.

Dr. Brian J. Rodgers, board-certified in Anti-Aging/Regenerative medicine and a leader in Hormone Balancing Therapy, at the Family Wellness Clinic. He has been balancing hormones for over 10 years. Call The Family Wellness Clinic today to see how you can benefit from Bio-Identical hormone pellet therapy.

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