Alcohol-Based vs. Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer  


Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic early this year, the world has changed significantly. Apart from the economic impact, the deadly virus brought the whole world to a standstill due to the government’s lockdown measures. It also changed the way we went about our daily routine. 


Even as scientists worldwide and medical agencies are tirelessly working to develop a remedial solution to cure the disease and a vaccine to stop it from spreading further, we have been consciously practicing various hygiene measures to keep ourselves safe. You may have been maintaining social distancing every time you step out to buy essentials and maybe disinfecting your hands every time you touch any surface.  


Medical experts advise washing hands with soap and water to kills the coronavirus and keep your hands germ-free. However, you may not be able to wash hands in situations, especially when you are outdoor. Also, washing hands frequently increases water wastage. The best alternative solution is to use a hand sanitizer available in two variations- alcohol-free and alcohol based sanitizer.


Whether you visit a grocery store or chemist, you find a range of hand sanitizers offered by various brands, and choosing one can be difficult. The biggest misconception that people have about a sanitizer is that the higher the alcohol percentage, the more effective it is against germs and viruses. While an alcohol-based sanitizer is effective, but for some, it can be harmful, especially if they have sensitive skin. 


So, if you are confused about whether to buy an alcohol-based sanitizer or an alcohol-free sanitizer, you must be aware of the difference between the two and then make an informed choice.  


Let’s get to know the difference between alcohol-based and alcohol-free sanitizer: 


An alcohol based sanitizer usually contains 60% – 70% alcohol content to kill 99.9% germs. On the other hand, alcohol-free sanitizer is made with natural ingredients that are equally effective, if not more, in killing 99.9% of germs and other pathogens.  


Although the alcohol content keeps your hand secured against germs, its constant use can make your palms dry and patchy. There have been many cases reported worldwide where people faced skin irritation due to the continuous use of an alcohol based sanitizer. 


One of the reasons why many healthcare experts suggest using alcohol-free hand sanitizers is that they tend to be flammable, which can lead to major accidents and injure you. On the other hand, the alcohol-free hand sanitizers have minimal risk of catching fire and are less damaging to the surfaces. 


Most alcohol based sanitizer tend to have a pungent odour, which many don’t like. The alcohol-free hand sanitizers don’t emanate a foul smell, and they usually have a pleasant aroma, making it a preferable option for most people. 


Final Word


It is essential to keep sanitizing your hands regularly to keep yourself safe from dangerous viruses and germs. Whether you prefer using an alcohol based sanitizer or alcohol-free sanitizer, it is entirely your choice.