A Guide to the Exotic and Luxury Car Rental Market

There has been an increase in the exotic and luxury car rental market in the last few years.  Travelers want to get to their destinations in a luxury ride and look good in the process.  For some, renting a luxury car is their chance to drive a car that they would never have the chance to drive otherwise.  Luxury car rentals are not only for sports cars; family-friendly car rentals are available as well.  When considering renting an exotic car, it is important to understand how rental car services work, especially in the luxury segment.

A Growing Industry

The luxury car market has become more popular among drivers in the last few years and is predicted to continue to grow.  Over the next five years, this industry is expected to grow at a rate of 5.83%.  The electric luxury car market is also in a growth period, as more drivers become aware of the environmental impact of driving.  Car rental companies are able to satisfy this demand as well as with electric vehicle rentals.  The increase in demand for luxury vehicles means the industry will continue to flourish as more drivers become aware of the trend.


Today’s consumers want options, and those choosing a luxury car to rent is no exception.  A driver who can afford to rent a luxury car will most likely want to choose from several vehicle options.  While some consumers want a fast sports car such as a Ferrari or Maserati, others need bigger cars to seat more people, such as Range Rovers or Escalades.  A large selection of cars will appeal to the greatest number of customers, and give them the option of getting the exact car they want to drive.

Driver Requirements

In the car rental market, there are several requirements that drivers must meet before they are able to rent an expensive car.  A car rental agency will most likely conduct a background check that will ensure that the driver does not have any criminal behavior or something in their driving history that would not make them a good rental candidate.  Since these vehicles are very expensive, repairs on them are quite costly.  Drivers also need to supply insurance information before they are able to rent.  Some car rental companies may also require a security deposit of $1,500 to $10,000 to ensure that any damage to the car will be taken care of.

Rent the Vehicle of Your Dreams

You now have a better idea of what will be expected should you choose to rent a luxury car.  Every luxury car rental company has its own set of rules and requirements when it comes to renting from them.  This market trend will only continue to grow as more drivers become aware of the service.  Now is the time to rent the vehicle of your dreams.