A Busy Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Right Preschool


Choosing a preschool in the Woods Cross Area can be daunting with so many factors to consider, especially for overwhelmed parents with a lot on their daily to-do list. Here are a few factors to focus on to help make parenthood a little easier:

When it comes to running on a schedule, picking the right location is crucial. Traveling an extra few minutes in both directions adds up and builds unnecessary stress into your day. However, you don’t need to pick a school that’s next door to score a winning location. If you’re a working parent, think through your commute. For example, if you live in Woods Cross, but work in Salt Lake City, look for schools nearby freeway exits along your daily route to the office.

If you cannot find a preschool in your target area, the next best thing is one with pick-up and drop-off services at convenient locations. For example, the Ready Set Grow Preschool has a shuttle that travels to local elementary schools like Holbrook and Woods Cross. That way you can drop off and pick up your elementary school-aged children and your preschool student all in one easy stop.

Kids are known for being selective eaters, and packing lunches and snacks that appeal to them can be a real challenge that parents may not have time for. You can save yourself stress by selecting a preschool that can literally take this task off of your plate by offering a wide, kid-friendly menu.

Just because the traditional school year grinds to a halt for the summer months, doesn’t mean that your schedule does. That’s why it’s to your advantage to pick a preschool with a robust summer program for a seamless transition from May to June and beyond, without requiring you to research summer options or switch up your family’s routine.

Finally, don’t forget that you can only get out the door as quickly as your little one allows. There are plenty of preschools in the Woods Cross and Bountiful Area to choose from, but the best fit for your child is the one that gets them out of bed, excited to return. You know your child best, so whether it be an engaging curriculum, interactive play equipment, a music program, or a particularly caring teacher, choose a school with at least one feature that they will love. It won’t solve every morning battle, but it will make most days run smoother, and better yet, you’ll feel confident that your little one is having a fulfilling preschool experience.

Ready Set Grow is a high quality preschool in the Woods Cross area.

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