There is no single definition when it comes to wonderful interior design. This is because design is not made up of a set of skills, it is, in fact, an art. In Singapore you will find that most of the residential areas are the HBD variants.

Therefore, you need to choose the interior designing companies in Singapore that abides by the interior design rules and certifications of HDB renovation works. There are many HDB interior design ideas that can be implemented in various ways, and in this article today, we are here to discuss about some of them.

It’s A Matter of Preference

For some, a certain combination of paint, texture and fabric can create a beautiful design, and for others, straight lines and light colors are sufficient to create an impactful decoration. Be sure to share with your designer your favourite designs as well as your preference so they can work towards designs you like.

A good end result for interior design projects, from the homeowner’s point of view, is one that is comfortable, functional, practical, and reflects the mood, lifestyle, personality and taste of the resident.

Multipurpose Furniture Design

Interior design is challenging when you need to accommodate all that furniture in a small apartment. Planning for the efficient use of each area square, combined with an aesthetically pleasing result, is a job for good interior and furniture designers.

It is also up to them to suggest colors and shapes, that are capable of creating an optical illusion, giving the feeling of more space.

Choosing The Best Wall Color

As a basic rule we have: Walls and floors of the same color give the feeling of more space.This is because when we look at objects of the same colour, we seldom identify and notice the break points, such as the gap or bends between the walls and the floors.

It is widely reported that small spaces need to be painted in light shades. Hence, white is a very popular colour among interior design.

In many professional’s opinion, you can choose medium shades without any problem. The most important thing is not to cause a contrast between the wall and the floor, and to observe the color of the large furniture.  The lesser the contrast is, the less is the visual “weight”.

The Ceiling

Another important element to give the feeling of spaciousness is the height of the ceiling. Do you know the height of your home’s ceiling? Forty years ago the apartments were at least 2.90m tall. Today the right foot (height of the walls) barely reaches 2.45m. Often. the installation of recessed luminaires requires lowering with a plaster ceiling and the situation is worsened.

With the help of lighting, facing upwards, we can create the feeling that the ceiling is more distant than it actually is. This creates room and space.

Can The Floor Be Dark-Coloured?

If you have the option of choosing the floor covering for your apartment, try not to change the material across your home. If this is not possible, change the material but keep the colour. When the flooring material is uniform in colour and texture, it creates the illusion that the space is bigger than it really is.

All you will have to do is to give these instructions to an interior design company and they will execute the plans that you have.