7 Types of Energy Efficient AC Units of 2022

Energy-efficient air conditioner (AC) units are becoming quite popular amongst Utah homeowners. With rising costs and sustainability concerns about fossil fuel use, homeowners are precedent about environmentally friendly AC units in Utah.

Before buying your next “save energy” AC unit, consider familiarizing yourself with basic AC terminology.
EER, or energy-efficient ratio, estimates the procedure efficacy of the cooling system. Anything above ’11’ is good.

CEER, or combined energy efficiency ratio, is the benchmark used for window air conditioner cooling systems by the Department of Energy. You’ve probably come across this before but never noticed it. This standard considers the energy required to use the product while in standby mode.

SEER ratings, the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, calculates the central air conditioning units performance through a full season. However, this ratio cannot be applied to standing AC units. This is because standing AC units are not the ones located on the side of a suburban home. Instead, the larger plug-in unit stands in the corner of your room.

BTU, or the British thermal units. You may be thinking, “why are we talking about Britain? This is America.” BTU is used in America as a unit of energy efficiency. This unit measures the volume of heat removed by the cooling unit from the air. The recommended standard is 20 BTUs per square foot of any room. Apply this when picking out a new ac unit for your place.

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What Types of Energy Efficient AC units are available?

Now that you’re familiar with the basic terminology of AC units. It’s time to talk about types of AC units. All units will keep you cool on any hot Utah summer day.

  1. Split System Air Conditioners
    Also known as a central air conditioning cooling unit, this unit uses a compressor and condenser. It can be found outside your home, so if you have the space, this is for you! the system functions with an evaporator, air handler, and filter unit inside the home. Ducts distribute the cold air throughout the entire home. All Utah Plumbing Heating and Air recommends two thermostats to control two separate air units for homes with multiple floors.

  2. Packaged Air Conditioner Systems

the unit puts together the compressor, coils, and air pulling system in a cabinet, usually metal, outside the home. Like the central ac unit, the metal cabinet requires ductwork within the home to push air indoors.

  1. Window Air Conditioner Units

These units can be purchased at any home repair store. They are small and sit on your window, hence the name. The unit will pull air from indoors, circulate through its cooling system, and send it back into the room. The moisture built up within the unit is discarded through the exposed side, sitting outside the window.

  1. Portable ACs

A window unit is not a portable unit. Stand-alone units contain the compressor, coils, and the fan needed to create chilled air. It’s similar to a window unit, but the hose must be placed through a window opening to expel the warm air and moisture that builds up within the unit.

  1. Ductless Mini-Split Systems

This system uses a compressor condenser outside the home. Also, the air handler is set up within each home zone to cool chosen areas.

  1. Through-the-Wall ACs

Through the wall air conditioners work the same as the window ac unit. However, these units sit on your wall through a hole instead of using the window.

  1. Inverter ACs

This unit is similar to the previous six stated above, but they include an inverter that measures and automatically adjusts the unit’s electrical current. This allows the system to receive air in small amounts, taking only what is needed to cool the room. As a result, this unit is 40% more energy-efficient than any other average unit.

Best Energy Efficient AC Units on the Market in 2022

If you’re anything like the average American, you probably dont have the time to look at every AC unit at your local hardware and home improvement store. Below you’ll find a short list of AC units to start with. These units are recommended based on the Energy Star ratings and features. The following are the best energy-efficient systems available to you on the market.Keystone Energy Star Window AC Unit
5,000 BTU
12.1 EER
on/off timer
Save energy or energy efficiency saver mode
cools areas of 150 square ft
remote control included
Amana Energy-Efficient AC Unit
24.5 SEER ratings
Inverter variable speed compressor
comfortnet thermostat
LG Smart Window
18,000 BTU
14.4 EER
cools areas of 1,000 square
Smart control remote or wifi integration
Whynter Portable AC Unit
14,000 BTU
11.2 EER
two exhaust hoses
cools areas of 500 square feet
Frigidaire Through-the-Wall AC Unit
8,000 BTU
Remote control adjusts the thermostat
energy efficiency saving mode
on/off timer
Midea Inverter Window AC Unit
13.3 energy-efficient
the U shape allows you to close windows
Wifi capabilities, app

Any of the above units will work well for small areas of the home, but for more advanced jobs like central air conditioners and duct systems, call All Utah Plumbing Heating and Air. Specials are available year-round.

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