5 Ways To Improve Sales By Enhancing Website Design

Increased sales are one of the key goals for every business. If businesses want to survive, they have to increase their sales no matter what! For a business to increase sales, various factors are involved. It is not just one factor that will help you to achieve your goals.

Nowadays, the majority of businesses have their website to showcase their services and products. Good and interactive website design also plays an important role to bring in more sales for the business with online time and attedance. In short, your website will be the first impression of your business. You have to make your web design engaging and user-friendly so that the customer can visit your website on a regular basis.

According to a study, 94% of the first impression is regarding the design of a website. Not only does your website’s design make the first impression, but it also determines how much you generate in sales for your business.

Now the important question is, how you can improve your business sales? In the following blog, we are going to tell you about the tips that will help you in elevating your sales to increase your return on investments.

How Will Sales Be Increased By Web Design?

It is interesting to note that web design has the potential to increase your business sales and to improve the company’s revenue. To make you understand the point, let’s have a look at a few of the statistics:

1-75% of the opinions by the people given on the credibility of the website will be coming through the website design.

There is no doubt that for the user, your website is the first place that will give them an idea about your credibility, depending on the design of your website. If your website design is outdated, then a visitor will not consider you as trustworthy and he or she will not visit the website again. Due to this, you are going to miss a huge proportion of sales.

When you are going to revamp the website design, then you have to improve the website’s credibility. It is important to have a user-friendly and engaging website design to make your visitors easily navigate across your website. The easier you make it for your customer to navigate on the website, the better the chances are of an increase in sales. .

2-89% of the people will move to a competitor’s website when they get a poor experience on a business website.

Your sales will go down if you are not able to provide a good user experience for your customers. To minimize this, you should start by analyzing your website design and identifying things you would change if you were on somebody else’s page. It is difficult sometimes to be critical to your own work, but that is how you move forward. 

If your website is difficult to use and outdated in terms of design, then there is no way that you can keep the user on your website. The user will exit and will move to the competitor website to get the desired product or services. Great user experience and compelling web design are crucial  when increasing your sales.

3-38% of the people will not be interested to engage with an unattractive website.

Remember that for a visitor to buy your product or services, he or she has to engage with your website. If your website is not visually appealing, then the user will not be able to get the desired experience. The user will get upset and will leave your website. This is where the professional web design services are important, to make your website flawless and easy-to-use for customers.

5 Tips to Enhance Your Web Design for Boosting Your Sales

Now, let’s have a look at the top five ways in which you can improve the web design for increasing your sales to many folds:

1-Eye-catching Calls to Actions (CTA) Are Must

Wondering, how you are going to grab the attention of your visitors? It’s easy! You can do it by placing the right and appropriate call-to-action on your web pages. This will help you to grow your sales by implementing smart solutions to your website design.

You should smartly place the CTA on your website so that people can look at the important information or promotions you want to show them on your website. This is also the best way to engage your customers on your website without any doubt. CTAs will act as a guide for the users to move from one point to another to get the right information and do the required action as well. You can also consider using the pop-off CTAs, those will help you to increase the sales as part of your engaging website design.

You should consider using a descriptive CTA to deliver the message properly. For instance, instead of writing “Click Here”, you should write “Click here for a free trial”.

2-Go For Responsive Design

Now, you will be aware of the importance of web design in improving your sales. You can clearly understand the usefulness of a functional website that will be attractive to the audience. One of the best ways to increase sales is to have a responsive website design. This will ensure that your website can adapt accordingly to the device the customer is using to browse your website. 

Your website should be displayed well across different devices. People are using tablets, mobiles, and much more. The only way to showcase your website in a proper way on all devices, is to go for a responsive design solution. It will make your website adaptable, which gives you a competitive advantage. 

3-Develop a Proper Navigation

Making navigation easy for your customers is very important. If your customers are not able to easily navigate across your website, then they will leave your website. You should focus on the things that will help your customers to easily search your products or services without any delay. This will definitely be beneficial for your website.

For instance, consider the Apple website. Their website is organized by the products they are going to sell that include Macbooks, iPods, iPads, iPhones, watches, and TVs.

4-Proper Use of White Space

To make your web design appealing, you should properly use the white space. Most companies make a mistake by using every inch of the space on their website, which sometimes ends up being a mess. The different visuals get clumped up together, which creates an overload on your website and it is not appealing at all.

White space is very much important for a good design. It will help you in having a clear website and will help you to keep your audience properly focused. This will also help you in diverting the attention of your audience on particular information.

5-Improve the Speed of your Website

According to statistics, $2.6 Billion are lost due to slow-loading websites. As a business owner, you should take this very seriously. Optimizing your website to load it faster, should be a priority. If your website is not loading properly, then the user will have no option but to leave your website. A good design with proper loading speed is essential to improve your business sales, because everybody has at one point complained about the speed of a website. To get a good idea about the loading speed of your website, you can put your website link in to the Google PageSpeed Insights to check the current speed of your website. If the loading speed is less than the average recommended speed, then you should reach out to some professionals to sort it out for you.

Final Words

Now you can understand the importance of web design in improving your sales and the ways through which you can achieve your goals. If you find these things difficult for yourself, then you should connect with a skilled website design company for assistance. They will guide you in the best way possible and will make your website user-friendly and attractive at the same time.