The most common and best teeth replacement options are dental implants. Dental implants are reliable enough to replace the fallen teeth permanently quite similar to that of natural teeth. Dental implants are like any other major decision that can last permanently in your life. As it is an important decision, there are certain things you need to know and consider when you think of getting dental implants. Trillium Dental and dentist Ottawa downtown stress on the things to consider when getting implants. Here are 5 things to consider when getting dental implants.

Dental Implants Are Just Like Natural Teeth:

There is no doubt that the teeth are important elements of the mouth but the roots of the teeth that are fixed in the jawbones are what give them their durability and strength. The roots help the teeth to render the power of the jaws to bite and chew. Just like natural teeth, dental implants work in the same way. The implants have titanium roots installed in the jawbones and with time they join the jawbone resulting in a firm foundation of your implanted teeth.

Not all Surgeries Are Painful:

The thought of surgeries might frighten you a bit and you may think of the dental implant procedure like any other surgery. Of course, all surgeries are carried out after anesthesia and some surgeries cause pain even when under the numbness. An implant surgery will be unbearable without anesthesia but with a little local anesthesia, the entire process can be painless. This is because a good dentist will use surgical guides to implant the replacement teeth with optimum accuracy resulting in no pain at the implant sites.

It Takes Time:

If you are considering getting dental implants, you should expect around a year from the start to the finish. The process starts with consultations and examinations. After that, the date of implant surgery is scheduled. From then on, a few months of healing are required in which you will be wearing temporary teeth before getting your permanent replacements. The planning, implantation, and healing all generally require a year from the consultation to the end.

Protection Like Natural Teeth is Crucial:

Even though dental implants are replacement teeth, that doesn’t mean you do not have to protect them. Dental implants might be resistant to gum disease; they are vulnerable to bacteria. Failure in the dental care routine or long periods of absent care can lead to the growth of gum disease and can be a threat to your replacement teeth. Simple and old school activities like brushing twice a day, flossing, and using antibacterial mouthwashes can do the trick.

According to leading oral care expert Colgate, you should practice good oral hygiene – brush twice a day and floss once daily. Using interdental brushes, brushes that slide between teeth can help clean the hard to reach areas around your implant.

Dental Implants Can Last Forever:

Like mentioned earlier, dental implants are just like natural teeth. If you have chosen the right prosthodontist and take good care of your implants, they can last you a lifetime. Good care involves routine checkups, good oral hygiene, proper dietary habits, and responsible behavior towards your teeth.