Whether you regularly buy vapes UK wide or first time planning to buy vape online, it is very important to know all about vaping before making the purchase. Here are 5 points that you should consider before making your purchase decision online or at store. 


  • Understand Vaping Experience


This stands true for first time buyers. If you have not tried vaping then it would be difficult for you to make the right selection. If you are making the first time purchase then go easy on your order as you need to experience it before comparing it with smoking tobacco. Once you are aware of the experience, you can opt for powerful e-cigarettes as required. 


  • Nicotine level


The nicotine level is different for each type of e-cigarette. You may get many options on vape marketplace but your selection would be based on nicotine level, price, and performance. Evaluate all the options available online on marketplace like Vawoo to get the idea of the options. To make things easier, start with low nicotine level and gradually increase the nicotine level as required. 


  • Flavours Matter


There are many flavours available online. If you want to try them all then look out for combo offers. The combo packs bring you multiple flavours to try. You can then find your favourites and order them accordingly. Some premium e-liquids also come in combo packs. It is recommended to try all flavours before deciding on your favourite.


  • Price Matters


If your budget is limited then look for low price options available both online and offline. There are special offers available online on marketplace. Check out for discounts and combo offers. You can stock some more e-cigarettes if there is limited period offer available online. Make the most of the discount offer in order to save on money while you experience the best. Making a purchase when online deals are floated will help you with premium experience every time. 


  • Availability and Delivery


Narrowing the search on various aspects would make your choice easier. However, the last but the most important point is availability and delivery. The minimum order value, location for delivery, and delivery time may be considered while placing the order as you don’t want to order something that will never be delivered at your doorsteps. 

Order the best vaping experience with trusted marketplace to enjoy hassle free vaping.