Best Places to Visit If You’ll Travel Margaret River Tours From Perth


Margaret River, which is only a three-hour drive from Perth, is considered one of Western Australia’s most popular destinations for a sense! Every traveler can have something to enjoy in the region, from cultural attractions to exhilarating excursions to breathtaking natural scenery. With Margaret River Tour from Perth, you won’t have to rent a car, and you’ll be taken to all of the region’s top attractions.

1. McHenry Hohnen

Margaret River Tours from Perth isn’t complete without a stop at a winery. Upon that day of your winery trip, you’ll visit McHenry Hohnen, a winery that aims to produce ‘wines of clarity and locality.’ For the highest-quality wines, the company use low interference fermenting procedures and biodynamic agricultural techniques, all while protecting the ecological landscape. We’ll be able to sample its delicious single-vineyard wine, matched with such a variety of smoky and cured foods, during our tour.

2. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

With the help of the Margaret River Tour from Perth, you will visit Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse on the scheduled day. Located near the southernmost edge of Australia, this tower is the nation’s highest on land. It’s possible to discern where the Southern Oceans and Indian merge from this location. As you make our way up the lighthouse, we’ll stop for a look all around the old village below and visit the inside of the harbor itself, where we’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking landscape of the coastline from its observation deck.

3. Busselton Jetty Train and Underwater Observatory

On your route to Margaret River, you can make a detour in Busselton, a beautiful beachfront town. The ultimate destination is indeed the Busselton Jetty, the southern hemisphere’s finest wood jetty, which stretches outside into Geographe Bay. Take a red jetty ride towards the end, where you can see the Indian Ocean and white sands along either of the train’s sides. The greatest artificial reef of Australia may be seen from the Underwater Observatory, only one of six inside the planet, at the tip of the jetty. Colorful tropical reefs and sponges surround the piling jetty, which is also host to far more than 300 kinds of marine life.

4. Bunbury

Undoubtedly one of the first places you’ll come across after leaving Perth is Bunbury, a place that’s often skipped in favor of Margaret River. We’d further advise making a reservation in advance for one of the numerous accommodations in Bunbury so that you can gain advantage of everything the city has to offer. If you want to learn more about the area of Bunbury, Margaret River Tours from Perth can give you a gentle guide, and you can visit the humane dolphin center.

5. Penguin Island

Penguin Island is the following location that we definitely advise you visit. Located just half an hour south of Perth, it is a simple journey to get there. You might take pleasure in a couple of hours studying the local fauna in Shoalwater Marine Park, which is only a short dock trip away from where the recovery center is located. After that, you can get back onto the highway and continue your journey.

6. Mangroves Boardwalk

It takes approximately two hours of driving from Perth to reach the Mangrove Boardwalk, which offers visitors a chance to see what’s left of the mangroves that formerly dominated the area. Around 60 kinds of waterbirds may also be viewed, in addition to the kind of vegetation which has now replaced it.