5 Effective Remote Marketing Tips for Solar Installers During a Time of Crisis

One of the biggest problems solar installers face is generating leads. Yes, there are indeed customers who want to go solar; however, reaching them is the biggest problem.

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t made things easier.

However, did you know that these five useful remote marketing tips can help generate leads for solar contractors?

Making use of the online space

Gone are the days where you had to resort to door-to-door advertising to get leads. Your efforts go futile because most of the people you approach end up ignoring you because they aren’t interested in solar fixtures.

You can instead invest time and money advertising online, and easily reach out to people who need solar contractors. Besides, it’s cheaper to advertise on social media, which helps you quickly reach potential customers, and even book appointments online.

Presetting appointments

Solar contractor lead experts use a proprietary booking system to help steer possible leads to preset an appointment with you. The system helps guide leads to doing things like book in-home surveys in your calendar to schedule meetings for improved efficiency and organization.

Solar marketing

While there are loads of online marketers, you get the best results from solar marketing agencies that only generate leads for solar companies. Through this focus, they, with time, know what works and what doesn’t for solar contractors.

They would anyway have spent millions of dollars testing various solar marketing approaches. Besides, as they don’t take on multiple industries at a time, they have sufficient time and resources to focus solely on solar companies.

Unique and tailored quality leads

Don’t work with companies that tend to resell leads to the same company. You only end up having to compete with other companies for the leads, worry about negotiating rates, or losing deals to competitors.

Besides, these companies don’t work for you. They are not bothered if you leave them with time because they anyway have other people to resell the same leads.

Instead, work with companies that only provide you with quality leads tailored and unique to your company. These solar companies lead experts to have the data and advantage to generate qualified leads and accompany preset appointments and potential customers.

Make use of solar data.

Another benefit of working with companies specializing in solar marketing is that they would have collected valuable solar data over the years.

They first use various time-tested techniques to pre-qualify prospective customers interested in solar. It’s only once they have potential leads that they use their solar data to kickstart your marketing campaign.

They disqualify timewasters who don’t meet specific requirements like having a good credit score, an ideal roof, and sufficient electric bills.

So focus on lead experts catering to solar companies instead of programs ‘promising’ to teach you how to generate leads for solar contractors.

You don’t have to waste time learning how to use the program, nor concentrate on acquiring leads. You have experts taking care of all your remote marketing needs while you focus on your solar work. Please visit here to learn more: https://solarexclusive.com