5 Canadian Journalists Recognized for their Contribution to Journalism

The journalism field is really tough and competitive, but it’s also foremost to society. If you have a dream to become a journalist then you certainly should do your best to be successful in your field. With a lump of hard work and a considerable attitude, you can be a good journalist. On the peak of having good writing skills, various other qualities are required to excel as a journalist. The following are some examples of five Canadian Journalists who set the Stage for Excellence in Journalism.

Eric Malling:

Eric Malling, the Canadian journalist passed away in 1998, had set the new benchmark for the people in this profession. This profession is missing his presence even today. He was the straight-forward investigative reporter who believed in presenting the piece of information with the relevant facts and figures.

He was born in Swift Current in the year 1946, as per his educational background, he did a degree in English Literature from the University of Saskatchewan and continued his studies at school of journalism, Carleton University, Ottawa.

Eric Malling is the story-teller, who loved to cover almost every issue related to sports, politics, business, entertainment, and other news. He is known for his highly investigating approach, hard-working, intelligent, and honest attitude.

Doris Anderson:

The Late Doris Anderson was a well-known journalist and the women activist; she was against any type of discrimination towards the women and spares no effort to build the future of feminism.

She wrote several editorials on social issues like divorce, abortion, birth control, and child welfare. She produces several victorious books like Rebel’s daughter. During her career life, she holds the various prestigious positions like President of the Canadian Advisory Council on the status of women. She was awarded the Order of Canada and Governor General Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case.

Mark Dailey:

Mark Dailey, was a Canadian television journalist and announcer, was a cancer survivor and died on December 6, 2010. Since the age of 16, he had a passion for journalism and started his career in radio and television broadcasting at WNIO and WYTV. Known as the “Voice of Toronto”, he hosted City News newscasts in Toronto, Ontario.

He studied law enforcement at Youngstown State University, in Ohio, and worked as an announcer on City-TV for 31 years.

Dalton Camp:

Dalton Camp was a well-known Canadian journalist, a great politician, an outstanding commentator, and a supporter of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. He works as a copywriter in 1949 and holds extensive experience in writing on political issues for the Toronto star until his death. He was praised for several published works like Gentleman, player and politician, Points of Departure, Eclectic Eel, and many.

Barbara Frum:

Barbara Rosberg was born in Niagara Falls, New York. She significantly contributed to broadcasting, especially CBC. The CBC hired her as the host for the television show The Way it is. She was crowned with the title ‘Best New Interviewer” by A Toronto Star Citation.

Her work included covering news stories in great-depth, conducting interviews with politicians, and different personalities. She was awarded Outstanding Contribution to Canadian Journalism; in 1975, and received the honor title as Woman of the Year in Literature Arts and Education, by the Canadian Press.