4 Tips for the Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Area

If you want to spend some more time outside in the garden, it might be time to look at creating an outdoor entertainment area. It’s a space in the home that can bring the family together to enjoy some good food, a few drinks and some quality time in the sunshine. If you enjoy entertaining, then an outdoor entertainment area will be a hit in the warmer summer months. Here are a few tips for creating the ultimate outdoor entertainment area with our unique British weather requirements for any budget.

Plan It Out

The very first thing to do when you’re planning an outdoor entertainment area is plan out the area properly. Draw it out and decide what you want to add to the space, and where it will all go. Consider everything at this stage of the project, like lighting, adding a plug point or two and where the all-important barbecue or fire pit will go. 

If you need some inspiration, a good way of getting some ideas is to visit a wholesale electrical shop or hardware store online or in person and look around at what’s available. You can draw inspiration from what you see there and incorporate it into your plans.

Provide Some Shade

While the sunshine is nice, some of your friends and family might appreciate some respite from being in the sun, so adding some shade is important. There are a few ways to accomplish providing this shade. This could be in the form of a built-up pergola or just by buying a nice big outdoor umbrella and heavy concrete stand. Before you commit to purchasing something, remember to think about the way the sun moves across your outside area and find a way to position your shade so that there is always shade available no matter the time of day.

Plan Your Lighting

If you’re still using your outdoor entertainment area in the evening when the sun starts to set, you’ll want to be able to light it up. This part can be very simple if you want to keep it that way. Simply using some weatherproof directional spotlights from underneath your built-in pergola, or even attached to your house if it’s close enough will provide all the light you’ll need. All you need to do is make sure they’re going to light up important spaces, like at the barbecue and any tables or workspaces you might include.

Don’t Forget Storage

An often-overlooked addition to any outdoor entertainment and barbecue area is some storage. If you include storage in your entertainment area you can use it to store chair cushions, blankets for colder evenings, and barbecue accessories. Particularly if you’re including a firepit, you’ll want somewhere to store your extra wood. Without this additional storage, you’ll need to find a place in the house or garage to store these things, and that means carting them all outside every time you use your entertainment area.

There you have it – four quick tips between you and your ultimate outdoor entertainment and barbecue area. If you enjoy DIY, then this is the perfect project for you.

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