4 Signs of a Fraudulent Personal Car Rental Service in Singapore

Getting a short term car rental service in Singapore is a viable method of getting to various destinations without the hassle that comes with owning a personal vehicle. However, scammers see this demand as a way to trick customers into paying for subpar transport. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of their methods to avoid losing your money. Read this article for four signs you need to know regarding fraudulent service providers.

1. Generic Photos

If you see an advertisement online claiming the best car rental service in Singapore while using generic photos, avoid clicking on those ads and continue searching for a different company. Chances are that those things are scammers attempting to grab your attention. If they manage to attract someone, they will most likely use the next point to reel them in their illegal activity.

2. Cheap Rates

In connection with the previous point, one of the most effective methods and clear signs of a fraudulent personal car rental service in Singapore is the absurd rates they offer to customers. They might justify it by claiming that it is on discount. However, never fall for their lies as you either might get a broken vehicle or nothing at all.

3. Hidden Damages

Another trick that scammers use to scam their customers is hiding damages in van leasing services in Singapore. After the contract ends, the company will fine you for things you didn’t do. Therefore, it is crucial that you thoroughly inspect the vehicle before signing any agreement.

4. Absurd Fees

Lastly, short term car rental services can scam you by giving you absurd fees for various reasons. One example is overpriced fuel charges when you return the vehicle with a half-full fuel tank. If you want to avoid this trick, ensure that you read and understand the terms and conditions of your agreement before signing it.

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