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In recent years, a new generation of battery power transmission powered vehicles has emerged. These vehicles include advanced gas-electric hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Gasoline-electric hybrids like the pre-2004 Toyota Prius run on gasoline and batteries but are not considered true “electric” vehicles due to their lack of charging capacity. Plug-in hybrids (like Chevrolet Bolt) rely in part on traditional fuel, but on plug-in charging. Electric vehicles like the Tesla Roadster are completely dependent on electricity and will be at the centre of this report. Electric Vehicle Market Overview Analysis of some of the most powerful forecasts in recent years suggests that BEVs could account for up to 53% of all EV sales and 5% of global car sales by 2020.

Additionally, this article is Tesla’s first in-depth study from a strategic marketing perspective, using Apple Computer as a comparative marketing model for new technologies. Investors and analysts continue to exchange views on the future of Tesla. Many critics consider the company, which has had limited profitability since its inception in 2003, a naked emperor, with more optimistic supporters calling it the automaker’s apple. The areas with the greatest competitive advantage and least direct competition are the premium sports car and luxury sedan markets. Tesla’s competitive advantages: Excellent BEV technology. Tesla competes directly with other BEV members, competing indirectly with existing and emerging hybrid car manufacturers, and also competing with BEV alternatives including gasoline hybrid vehicles and gasoline vehicles. We will continue to experience this.

NASDAQ TSLA stock price prediction

The introduction of the Macintosh by Apple opened a new evolutionary stage for sophisticated high-tech marketing. It contained a unique set of marketing practices that were widespread in Silicon Valley and vice versa at Tesla. Marketing Strategy Tesla’s business model reflects a marketing strategy that clearly adopts Apple’s marketing approach to innovative technologies. It starts with the premise that new technologies are often very expensive and very wealthy customers are often the first to accept them.

As a result, Tesla has geared its first production car, the Roadster, to early adopters in the premium consumer sports car segment to optimize the technology before switching to cheaper and conventional BEVs. However, this marketing approach is uncommon in the global auto industry, where the prevailing business models favour the mass production and mass marketing of cheap vehicles. In this case, Tesla is competing with 150 years of technological development and trillions of dollars invested in cars. For these reasons, the share price of the NASDAQ TSLA can go up to 500 points next year if the market is good. You can check its income statement at before the stock trading for amazon.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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