4 Of The Biggest Fashion Predictions For A/W 2020 

For fashion fanatics, the change of the season has nothing to do with the weather and has more to do with the next fashion trends. Now that summer has passed the halfway mark, it’s likely that many influencers and fashion editors are beginning to think about the new A/W trends. 

As we continue to deal with the corona pandemic, this A/W’s season will be hugely different compared to last years. Trends are unlikely to hit stores the same way they had in previous seasons, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be as big or as talked about as previous years. From fresh approaches to sleek tailoring to glittery decor,  this season is bound to have a lot more on offer than usual. Look at these Evening Headscarves here. 

Chocolate Browns

Chocolate brown is a colour which frequently appears on the runway but is never the focus colour. This A/W season, get ready to see this colour everywhere and for almost every piece of clothing. From brown silk shirts to chocolate brown corduroy pantsuits, it seems as though the chocolate brown trend has been crafted to look effortless and luxe. It’s easy to pair with other colours and will look great in the form of trousers or chunky jumpers this Autumn. 

Untailored Tailoring

A few seasons ago, you may have thought that this trend would be made up of something along the lines of detachable collars or corset dresses, but post-COVID, unnecessary add ons and uncomfortably tight suits are the last things on peoples minds. Untailored tailoring is set to be huge this A/W, so get ready for baggy suiting, big lapels and slouchy pants. 

In terms of more casual clothing, the untailored look doesn’t seem to apply. Pieces such as mens spray on jeans are making a huge comeback, especially paired with mens graphic t-shirts. For women, the 90s is truly making a comeback in the form of flared and mom jeans. 

Big Blazers

Oversized blazers are their own fashion trend these days and the bigger the better. Despite the summer heat, they continued to make statements following on from last years A/W collection, however, this A/W, longline blazers are expected to be the go-to for fashion followers everywhere. For bonus fashion points, go for a cream or beige coloured blazers as these can be mixed and matched with most colours and styles. 


Gloves are usually a wardrobe staple for most people during the A/W season, but this year they are set to get a huge fashion overhaul. Featuring on the runways of Saint Laurent, Miu Miu and Gucci, they are going to be available in rich and luxurious leather, statement hues and different textures and, on the runways, were paired with almost everything, from blazers and dresses to tops and streetwear. 


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