4 Breathtaking Water Feature Ideas for Your Yard

If your yard is looking a little dull this spring, a water feature could be just what you need to bring it back to life! Water features are versatile in that they can be majestic, whimsical, kid-friendly, elegant, and even ominous, depending on their style. In order to give your yard a sense of cohesiveness and style, you will need a unique water feature to tie everything together. A few popular water features include waterfalls, ponds, streams, fountains, birdbaths, and wells. Below are five breathtaking water feature ideas to add to your Utah yard this spring.


Waterfalls can be found in a wide range of styles and sizes, from a single trickling stream to elaborate cascading waterfalls. A waterfall is an ideal feature for a yard that needs a central focus or gorgeous addition to an otherwise plain backyard. In addition, waterfalls tend to be a low maintenance water feature during and after installation, with the exception of regular cleaning and checking for debris and unwanted plants. Waterfalls are a great way to add a magical or majestic feel to your Utah yard.


A pond can be a great way to add life and interest to your yard! Like waterfalls, ponds are also low-maintenance, requiring little more than regular summer cleanings and leaf removal if necessary. Decorate your water feature with plants and rocks to attract certain wildlife in your area, or fill your pond with native Utah fish such as trout, sturgeon, koi carps, and more to bring the wildlife to you! Ponds are a great place to relax after a long day, read, do homework, or listen to music. They also add a whimsical, fairy-like charm and appeal that is perfect for little ones.


Fountains are beautiful water features that can be enjoyed throughout the year. A fountain will add charm to your yard and a pleasant, soothing sound to listen to while gardening or spending time with your family outside. In addition, fountains add significant curb appeal and value to your Utah home, making them a smart financial investment in the long run.


A birdbath is an extremely simple water feature that is inexpensive and easy to install while also aesthetically pleasing. Decorating the edges of your birdbath with rocks, colorful flowers, or even seeds will attract different types of birds throughout the year. Birdbaths are a great option if you’re working with a smaller budget or time frame.

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