3 Things You Learn From  Bread Making Classes In Singapore

When you want to eat a particular piece of bread, the first thing that comes to your mind is to buy it. However, going to a bakery and waiting in line can be a little inconvenient for someone who wasn’t planning on leaving the house today. Everything seems so out of the way sometimes, making you wish you could just make the bread yourself. All you need is the ingredients and a recipe. A recipe can look easy to follow, but mistakes and misunderstandings are bound to happen when you only read instructions. An immersive experience that can only be found in bread making classes in Singapore can benefit you better! If you attend a class that teaches you how to bake bread, you will be equipped with a new skill that doesn’t require you to pull out a recipe next time since you already know it by heart. You’ll also get to ask questions instead of relying on your understanding of what you read. What do you learn in a bread-making class, though?

1. How To Make Sourdough From Scratch

Sourdough is one of the most commonly known loaves of bread. This bread is made from dough fermentation using yeast and wild Lactobacillaceae. The lactic acid from fermentation gives the bread a sour taste and helps improve its quality. Making sourdough from scratch can be tricky since it requires fermentation. Thankfully, a bread baking class in Singapore can lend you a hand in understanding how the fermentation process works and how it can turn into the sour bread we know and love.

2. Hand Mixing And Machine Mixing

In a breadmaking course in Singapore, they will be able to teach the difference between hand mixing and machine mixing. Mixing by hand requires you to stir the mixture using a whisk or a hand mixer. On the other hand, machine mixing is about letting the machine do all the work, so timing and knowing which button to press is up to you.

3. Folding The Dough

The introductory lesson in all baking courses for beginners is knowing how to fold the dough. Folding the dough can’t be done so carelessly since this skill strengthens the base of your pastry. If you fold it incorrectly, then the output will come out badly. Learning to fold dough can help you with other desserts you wish to bake. Do you wish to enrol in a breadmaking class? Visit Bespoke Bread today!