3 Reasons Why You Need Competent Authority Approval

When packaging and transporting hazardous materials, you need to take as many safety precautions as possible. One of the most important steps, though, is getting competent authority approval. Approval from a competent authority means that you have a plan for transporting those materials safely. But there are few other reasons why approval is essential to transporting dangerous goods.

  1. Transport Forbidden Goods

One reason why you would need approval is if you want to transport certain goods that are usually forbidden. There are some goods that you can’t transport by air, but you may need to if you need to transport something quickly. In that case, you need to get a special permit for transportation. Then, you can ship the materials that you need to without having to use a truck or some other method.

  1. Transport Older Batteries

Older lithium-ion batteries or batteries that don’t meet certain requirements will also need special approval. While they may not be as hazardous as some materials, they still require special consideration. Ideally, you would use lithium-ion batteries that do meet requirements from the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria. However, a special permit is available if you need to transport batteries that don’t meet those standards.

  1. Transport More Goods

Another reason to get a special permit or approval is if you need to transport higher quantities of hazardous materials. While you might be able to ship a small amount of a certain material, there may be a limit. But if you need to transport a lot, either to a medical facility or for some other purpose, you should be able to. Luckily, you can get competent authority approval to transport more than the usual limit.

If you need to transport hazardous materials efficiently, you should consider getting approval from a competent authority. Then, you’ll have more flexibility with how you transport materials and the amount.