Summer is almost here, which means millions of Americans will soon be embarking on vacations. Among the most anticipated events of the year for many families, the annual get-away is a great opportunity to make memories and spend time with the ones you love. While there is a shared sense of excitement for the impending trip, deciding upon a destination is not so simple. Some family members may prefer the adventure that awaits on the open road, while others would rather save travel time by flying to a far-away location. Either path will lead to fun for the whole family, however, when visiting one of these locations.

Theme Parks

These destinations entice visitors of all ages with an assortment of thrill rides, souvenir shops, exotic food and drink stations, musical reviews and comedy shows. Many of the most popular parks are located in central Florida, including Walt Disney World in Orlando, recently named America’s top family vacation destination by U.S. News.

Musical Events

Long a favorite among adults, music festivals have recently begun attracting families. Many events now offer a family-friendly environment, and parents are excited at the opportunity to expose children to a variety of musical styles. Festivals often include classes and workshops for youngsters where they can try out various instruments and express themselves creatively. Similarly, many families center a vacation around a specific musical performance the entire family can attend. Among the most popular are gospel shows branson mo or those in other regions.

National Parks

If you have a bunch of nature lovers in your family, national parks like Yellowstone make great vacation spots. Hiking, kayaking and wildlife watching are a few of the activities that all ages can enjoy, and the picturesque landscape makes an ideal background for family photos and videos.

Some of an individual’s fondest memories will be made during family vacations. Treat your loved ones to a special get-away by visiting one of these destinations.