3 Best Curb Appeal-Increasing Projects To Start This Summer

Ready to get your home in better shape this summer? The right exterior improvements can make your home give off a great impression to neighbors and guests. Here are three projects you should complete this summer to help your home look better than ever.

1. Improve Your Lawn

A healthy, green lawn is the gold standard of landscape maintenance. Take extra steps to maintain your lawn this summer. Aside from regular mowing and fertilizing, trim the edges with a half-moon edger. Perform aeration at least once this summer to promote proper drainage and allow high traffic areas of grass to stay healthy. With appropriate care, your lawn can be the perfect complement to the overall look of your home.

2. Install a New Roof

When it comes to improvement projects that instantly raise a home’s curb appeal, you can’t go wrong by installing a new roof. Expert installers of residential roofing Ann Arbor MI will replace your roof this summer, giving you the peace of mind that your most important investment — your home — is well protected. Not only is roof installation a way to make your home look better, it also is a great project in terms of return on investment, increasing the value of your home.

3. Plant a Floral Border

Dress up the edges of your grounds by planting a floral border along your property lines. Plant a combination of climate-appropriate perennials and shrubs but be sure to choose plants that can survive in the amount of shade and sunlight these areas receive. Another helpful design tip is to plant flowers to create colorful borders along the edges of your driveway. This trick softens the look of edges of pavement or masonry.

A few key outdoor improvements can quickly transform the appearance of your home. Follow these curb appeal-boosting home improvement tips and you’ll enjoy a better-looking home all year round!