YouTube TV

Watch live content through YouTube TV. Not only the watching of the live contents or record any other content in here. There are only some devices that are compatible with the YouTube TV Each and every user will be able to enjoy much more categories of the items. Each one will find their own favorite thing. Like that, for any age group there are more suitable things here.

Currently there are more new features along with the latest version of YouTube TV. This app is about 23MB. If you think that it is better to keep some space for the YouTube TV for Android TV.

Features of the YouTube TV

  • More live channels
    • There are more types of channels available on YouTube. All of them are more beneficial. Experience with all of the unlimited. Especially most of them are for free. If you are a sports lover, there are much more features included here. Because most of them are sports networks.
  • No cable required
    • In order to use this YouTube TV, the cable is not required. Even the cable box won’t be required for the usage of the YouTube TV. Due to that reason the users of YouTube TV can experience all the items for free and without cable. There is no such type of any other content here.
  • More categories
    • There are many more categories included here. Among all of them the sports and the news have gained a more stable position from the contents. Therefore, start the expedition with much more local and international channels here.
  • Watch over any other devices
    • There is much more content included here. Currently more users feel happy because the YouTube TV supports multiple devices including the smartphone, tablet, computer, and the apple tv as well.
  • Storing period
    • YouTube TV can be used to watch and even for recording content. Those recordings can be stored for a time period of 9 months. That can be stored at any time because there are no limits for the storage of the recorded items.
  • Multiple accounts
    • There are more types of accounts that can be created per household. Those numbers are altogether six. By creating their own accounts they can keep their own personal records for them. That is very helpful while using the app for much time
  • Can cancel at anytime
    • The YouTube TV can be canceled at any time while using it. Because there are no contracts. Therefore, every user can use the app and cancel it without any problem.
  • Free trial
    • Every user could start the usage of the app by a free trial. The free trial has offered to check whether the app is worthy or not. Therefore, use the app by the free trial, if that feels advantageous then take it by purchasing.
  • Multiple languages
    • There are many more languages in the app. Therefore, every user can enjoy their own mother languages.
  • Popularity
    • Due to the all specific features included in here, over 5,000,000 individuals have accumulated over the app. If you haven’t joined with the app yet, connect with the app now itself.

Just like other famous streaming services, YouTube TV too add new features and bug fixes to increase user experience. Below listed some of the recent changes added with updates.

  • There are more channels have added with the YouTube TV
  • The bugs have fixed
  • More improvements can be seen

If you are unable to download this app directly from Play Store or Amazon App Store you can use third party application like Filelinked. Filelinked is too like Play Store where you can download any Android TV app for free. No limitations or registration required. Running high resolution videos will lag on some device due to low RAM space. You can use RAM cleaning apps like clean master to speed up your device.