Worst-Case Scenario For A Webcam Model: How To React When You’re Member Tells You This?

Even though, from the outside, it seems that all webcam models do all day is just talk in front of a laptop or a PC, their activity can get interesting in many ways. It usually has to do with their members, who come from different countries, cultures or social classes, and have very different backgrounds. In other cases, the cam girl herself can propose a topic, such as the latest book they’ve read, or a fun activity, such as Truth or Dare or maybe role-playing. However, nothing can prepare her for the absolute worst-case scenario, which we will detail below.

We are not talking about a member becoming rude or requesting sexual acts or favors from the webcam model. Of course, this happens quite often, so cam girls are used to it and know how to react. They can try to change the subject by rapidly proposing another one, or they can explain to their members that they are working for a strictly non-adult modeling agency. Rarely, a member says the words that not even the most experienced model wants to hear: he tells her that he wants to end his life.

Below, we will explain what a webcam model has to do when she hears these words. But first, you have to understand what type of people usually request private chats from non-adult cam girls. Since they can’t hope they will get any sex shows, it means they are here just to talk. But who prefers to talk with a total stranger rather than a close friend or a family member? That’s right, people who are lonely, single or don’t have as many trustful friends. Or maybe some topics are just too sensitive that it feels more comfortable to talk to a stranger than to someone close to your heart.

Of course, hearing such a thing from their member will always catch even the most experienced of webcam models on the hop. However, what she really has to do is to react fast. A long period of silence, after hearing such a thing, can make things worse. If she has no idea what to do, she can ask her member to repeat what he said, while she has a bit more thinking time. Since we are literally talking about a life and death situation, she can’t afford to minimize it, but she has to make sure if the member really means it or not.

A good strategy would be to simply ask what bothers him and try to go on from there, like a psychologist would do. However, the webcam model has to always be aware that changing the subject in such a difficult situation will never work. So, once she hears this awful statement from her member, she has to go on from there. It’s said that the difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that the first one has a solution for every problem, while the second has a problem for every solution.

In conclusion, these situations occur very rarely, but when they do, the webcam model has to concentrate all her efforts on resolving the problem. Of course, announcing the legal authorities is a solution, but a more hands-on approach would be to start talking about future virtual meetings between her and her member and always reminding him that life is beautiful and worth living. This way, he will have something to cling for the future and will maybe regain his hope.