Your furnace will keep you warm and safe during winter in Provo, Utah. This heating element in your home must work properly. You need to be careful how you maintain your heating system if you live in Provo where there is a lot of snow and long winters.

A furnace replacement can run from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, not counting the labor. To reduce the cost of furnace replacement, homeowners might consider small maintenance steps to prolong its life and save money. Here are some things you can do to keep your home’s heating running efficiently. If you have any doubts, or need help, don’t hesitate to call an HVAC professional.

Change your filter regularly

Air filters can be a great solution for homeowners with heating system problems before they decide it’s time for a replacement. The filter keeps your heating system clean by filtering out thicker particles. This can make it difficult for the heater to get any airflow if it gets particularly dirty. Maintaining your unit’s efficiency is essential.

Clear the area around your furnace

Furnaces use combustion to heat air. However, even electric ones can use very hot elements as heat sources. If there are flammable materials around one of these units, the chances of catching fire increase. Even if they’re not directly exposed to heat, chemicals, boxes and other miscellaneous items could catch fire. A fire could not only cause damage to your furnace, but also structural damage to your home.

Oil the furnace blower at least once a year

A furnace’s lifespan can be extended by having its moving parts lubricated every year, which can eliminate the need for replacement services. The blower parts are responsible for moving air around the house. If they become rusted or clogged up, their efficiency will decrease and air won’t be moved to the vents quickly. A silent blower will also be made of an oil blower. Maintaining the moving parts will help to keep the air flowing in winter, and will also make it quieter.

Clear obstructions from vents

Vents that are closed or covered can make it appear as though the furnace isn’t working. It is easy to forget to keep vents clear. One vent could be blocked by furniture; another vent might have been closed for a long time. Vents may be blocked for a variety of reasons, including the need to expel hot air.

This is a simple fix that can be done, even if it takes a bit of time. Check your home to make sure that no vents are blocked before you service your unit. If the vents are capable of closing, it is a good idea to check each one twice.

If necessary, clean the flame sensor

Devices can be protected from damage or malfunctioning by sensors. A flame sensor, for example, monitors the heat of flames to ensure that they burn safely. Steel wool can be used to clean the sensor, which is typically shaped like a rod. You can rub the rod’s outer surface to remove any oxidation or carbon build-up that could cause the furnace malfunction.

These maintenance tips will ensure a safe and warm winter in Provo for you. However, if maintenance is not enough, or you need professional help, it’s time to call Ascend HVAC. Ascend HVAC can help you if your furnace needs repair or replacement, or if you just need professional maintenance services. Our repair and replacement service can make your furnace work again quickly, so call us now to keep your Provo home warm this winter!

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