Buying a private boat is a huge investment and, it must be said, a huge achievement. The striking benefits of a private yacht or boat are limitless and the luxurious lifestyle is a novelty that won’t wear off.  Whether it’s motor yachting or luxury cruising across the Sydney Harbour, how you stay at the helm of your private boat is entirely up to you. The elite club of boat ownership is open to you with MV Alfie & Co’s Luxury Charter Boat Hire Services and boating syndication.

Boating syndication has made it easy for Australians to co-own a luxury boat and enjoy the benefits of boat ownership. MV Alfie & Co’s Boat Hire Charter Services are designed with the utmost flexibility and a range of different vessels to choose from that ensures your satisfaction is ongoing. There are many motivations for becoming a boat owner and here are the top five benefits of owning a luxury boat:

1. Luxury Boats are a Luxury Lifestyle

People around the world spend huge sums of money to live a luxurious lifestyle. Owning a luxury boat is one way to achieve it. On top of that, it is a great mode of transport and a boat syndicate in Australia allows you to co-own a boat without spending a hefty sum.

  1. Nothing Beats Travelling in a Luxury Boat

A luxury boat gives you the freedom to travel as you like in style and comfort. Whether you are travelling across the harbour, or up the coast of Australia. Luxury boats are equipped with the finest appliances to facilitate enduring conditions and long stints on the water. On top of that, you can travel anywhere in style with the company of your choice or even use it as a networking tool to impress new clients.

  1. Travel Around Australia

With MV Alfie and Co, you have the luxury to travel around Australia in your private luxury boat. Explore Sydney Harbour during the summer and escape the cold to the Whitsundays in the winter.

  1. Hosting Becomes Easier

Now that you have your own luxury vessel, hosting will become a regular instance. Whether you’re hosting a boat party, celebrating a special occasion, taking a romantic getaway, or just having fun with the family, you’re now well equipped to be the ultimate host.

Luxury boats are equipped with world-class sound systems for music, furnished bars, ample cafeteria space and are engineered to a superior standard. These are all key ingredients to a successful get together as your guests can enjoy the special features while feeling totally safe and accounted for.

  1. Luxury Experiences without the Price tag

Owning a luxury boat by yourself is expensive and often times unenjoyable. Teaming up is an exciting way to enjoy ownership of a boat while not breaking the bank.

Unlike other boat syndications, MV Alfie & Co has specifically designed this boating experience so its shareholders don’t have to dip into their own pockets. By having the boats in survey, money generated helps pay for the boat’s operations.