Why Being a Dentist is Cooler Than Ever

Are you contemplating a career in dentistry? If so, you’ll be happy to know that this is one of the best jobs in the world. Dentistry is all about the great hours, a reliable income, and unending demand. If you spend a day or two with a dentist in his/or her office, you’ll realize that a dentist has a very social life. It’s really hard to find a dentist who doesn’t like their job.

Benefits of being a dentist

The work of a dentist extends beyond the dental chair. A lot of them take to social media platforms to not only market their businesses but to also educate the public about general dental hygiene. This explains why you’ll notice that most medical practitioners are very active on social media.

There are so many reasons why being a dentist is so cool. Taking up a career in dentistry enables the dentist to:

  1. Restore the patient’s oral health

The restoration could be done in several ways including:

  • Providing preventive care
  • Offering dental restoration surgeries
  • Correcting the dento-facial aesthetics
  • Eliminating pain

These procedures, in a great way, transform the lives of the patients. As a result, the dentist experiences the satisfaction and joy of fixing problems and positively transforming the patient’s life.

  1. Earn a good salary

There’s no doubt that this career allows for a solid and stable income with so much potential to earn more. On average, a private dental practitioner earns about $200,000. Keep in mind that the income varies depending on the type of practice.

However, this isn’t free money. It’s something that you have to work extremely hard for. So if you’re not willing to work hard, you’re in the wrong career.

  1. Live a flexible life

When you become a dentist you become your ownboss and there’s no one to answer to but you. This allows you to set your own career and business goals. You have the option of choosing from a range of career opportunities such as academic, research, and clinical.

You have the option of starting your ownbusiness right after you leave dental school and this guarantees a lot of independence as you generally set your hours. People are always in need of dental services so you will always have patients coming in.

  1. Work as a team

Dentistry is often portrayed as a “lone practice” but in the real sense, it’s a team-oriented career. The dentist works with so many other people including a dental hygienist, his/her assistant, and a lab technician to make sure that the patient’s oral health is restored.

  1. Get respect from the community

Dentists are generally very highly respected members of the community. Who doesn’t want that?

Considering that dentists are always coming up with ways to improve the lives of those around them, the general public highly regards these individuals who purpose to serve their communities selflessly.


Dentistry is a career of the future. This rapidly changing and expanding profession offers many rewards and opportunities to men, women, and minorities alike.

Dentists change their patients’ lives by improving their appearance and self-confidence through a wide range of dental procedures. When the patients feel better about themselves, the dentists feel content. A career in dentistry is very fulfilling as it lets them serve the present and future needs in oral health.