Which is Better? Stump Grinding or Stump Removal

Stump is the part of the tree that anchored the tree in its place. When you are planning to create a lawn and you had removed that tree but that stump still stands in place and you think what to do with the stump, whether to grind it or remove it, you need to read below.

Why does a tree stump need to be grinded or removed? 

There are umpteen reasons why tree stump needs to be grinded or removed. Some of the major reasons are listed below.

  • Home for termites

When you leave a tree stump, then it serves as a resting place for termites and other creatures which in turn damages your lawn.

  • Damages the look and equipment

When the tree stump is not removed or grinded fully, then it damages the look of the lawn and also reduces the property value. When you use a lawnmower, the remains of the tree stump might cause severe damage to the blades.

Why stump grinding? 

Stump grinding is the process of grinding the stump of the tree by using equipment that would reduce the stump to wooden chip powder. Stump grinding doesn’t require much expertise. Anyone fine with handling the sharp bladed equipment meant for wood can handle this.

But there are certain issues associated with stump grinding. When you grind, the roots of the tree which are widespread beneath the surface of the ground are completely intact. The roots take at least 10 years to wither off completely. When you try to mow that area, the blades get damaged. Also, the particular place ridden with roots cannot be used for planting any other trees and also for ornamental purposes.

Why stump removal? 

Stump removal involves the process of removing the entire stump of the tree with the entire root system being uprooted from the surface of the ground. But, it is a painstaking job. Especially, when the tree is very old. You need highly sophisticated equipment to remove the tree stump. Once the stump is removed, the place can be used for other purposes. But, if you don’t fill it, it damages the look of the entire lawn.

Depending on your needs and after getting some expertise from the land mowers and landscape designers on which would suit your lawn better, it is better to derive to a conclusion. Stump grinding and stump removal are essential preparation that needs to be done to a lawn.