When and why you should consider using a knee pillow

Also known as knee cushion, a knee pillow is mostly used for an increased comfort while sleeping. This is a mostly a small-sized pillow, made to fit beneath or between legs. A knee cushion helps in reducing knee pain when applied between the legs while sleeping sideways, and beneath the legs while sleeping on your back. Without the use of knee pillow, the spine might fall out of alignment resulting in a knee, hip, or lower back pain. Knee cushion will restore that alignment and relieves the pain and joint pressures.

Knee pillow offered by Urbanbed are designed ergonomically that fits better between the knees and allows proper spine and hip alignment. It delivers maximum comfort and support while you sleep. It comes with an elastic strap, keeping the legs in position and providing increased support.

Who can use a knee cushion?

It is mostly used by side sleepers in-between their legs, whereas is used beneath their knees by back sleepers. A knee pillow promotes spine alignment. If not used, the lower knee gets pressurized by the upper knee and this posture results in a misaligned back, and creates pain by applying pressure on the hips.

There are a number of people who can benefit with the use of a knee cushion. For instance, pregnant women mostly opt for knee cushions for enhanced comfort. Regular pillows are mostly used by people in between or beneath their legs. But a specially designed knee cushion with less bulk will provide much more comfort as compared to regular pillows.

  • Back sleepers: In case of back sleepers, a knee pillow will benefit more while placing beneath their legs, rather than between. This will promote the natural curve of the spine and will also reduce the pressure on lower back.
  • Pregnant women: Back pain and leg cramps are often experienced by pregnant women. Therefore, the use of a knee pillow will promote proper alignment of the spine and provide more relaxed sleep.
  • Side sleepers: As knee cushions helps in the alignment of spine, side sleepers might feel it helpful in relieving pressure from their lower back and hips. If not used, the upper leg will put pressure on the lower leg, resulting in a hip shift and experiencing stress.
  • People having hip or back pain: People who are suffering from hip or back pain will experience a more comfortable sleep after adding a knee cushion to the daily sleep routine. Mostly back and hip pain are caused due to overnight improper spinal alignment, and using the pillow might help in relieving pressure and increase support.

Things to consider before purchasing a knee pillow

Certain factors need to be considered before purchasing a knee pillow. To have the knowledge of what to look for, will help you buy the best pillow and can save you time. Some manufacturers use fluffy words that are difficult to understand and pronounce, for describing their sleeping products, including pillows. Their fancy way of describing will make their pillow sound amazing without sharing appropriate information about it.

Therefore we encourage overlooking advertizing claims and examining specific features before buying knee pillows. Though, your final choice will depend on your personal and physical preferences. The various aspects to consider before the purchase include,

  • Support
  • Shape
  • Price
  • Firmness Level
  • Pressure Relief
  • Weight/Size
  • Quality of Materials
  • Temperature Regulation


Knee pillows are available in various sizes including half moon, hourglass, body pillow, wedge, heart, and cylinder. Being one of the best-in-class suppliers for sleeping products, Urbanbed offers knee pillow made from high-density Viscoflex memory foam with a washable antimicrobial cover, best for improving leg support and reducing back pain. Also, grab the latest info on Buy Mattress Online, only at urbanbed.